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For Sale St4s (03) *sold*

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by maximillioncky, Aug 1, 2018.

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  1. Selling a beautiful ST4S. 2003 reg, 21.8k on the clock. My father was an engineer and looked after it extremely well. £3000 but I'm open to offers due to the circumstances of the sale. Please PM me for more details. Aberdeen/NE Scotland IMG_20180727_165134_444.jpg IMG_20180801_101506.jpg IMG_20180727_164619_575.jpg
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  2. Is this still for sale
  3. I pm'd him and heard nothing. Dropped off the radar.
  4. Last seen on 5th August.
  5. Gents - the guy selling is called Calum Omand. It was his fathers Bike who recently passed away. Calum lives/works in Spain and when I viewed the bike he said he was heading back there. I’ve sent him an email letting him know if the recent interest on here so he may come back to you.
  6. Many thanks Esbee

  7. Hi everyone, I am based in the north of Spain due to work but the bike is still available if anyone is interested! I'm open to sensible offers so spread the word!
  8. Good Luck with the sale Calum, looks a beauty.
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  9. Looks excellent mate, your dad did good :upyeah:

    Good luck with selling it, and hope it’s not an upsetting sale.
  10. hi I'm in Aberdeen , is the bike still for sale PM me. Thanks
  11. Hello all,

    Sold in the past few weeks!

  12. thread closed
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