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749 Stalling When Clutch Is Pulled In

Discussion in '749 / 999' started by Nostromo, May 1, 2021.

  1. Small update, swapped the crank sensor but the bike still cuts out intermittently.
    I then secured the clutch switch fully in, still cutting out but not as much, but this was a short ride so it could mean nothing. That said I will source replacement just to rule it out.
  2. a real mystery - would you say there is any improvement?
  3. Haven’t run it long enough to say it has improved. If the new switch does not work I think I’m going to swap the loom. Can’t think of anything else.
  4. Have you taken it to a pro yet to balance the throttle bodies, set the TPS and all that other jazz?
  5. No not yet, may be on the cards if this continues.
  6. With a remap it fixed mine.
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  7. I have ordered a new clutch switch, if that does not cure it I will just start my strip down and deep clean / paint touch up of the bike. This should give me a good opportunity to check the loom over.
    Then I will hunt for a termi end can and take it to Ducati for a map and once over.

    cheers for the help all, if I do find a solution I will post in here again.
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  8. No joy with the new switch….
  9. Just out of curiosity have you been over the clutch push rod with a fine tooth comb? It can cause a clutch binding issue that causes the symptoms you describe
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  10. pretty sure he has - see post #45 onward.
  11. Yup Inspected the rod and it was fine, clutch actuation is fine.

    I have one last thing to try, going to setup my radical Ducati tank (it has an 848 fuel pump) on the 749 to rule out pump/ flow issues). I also have a new filter for the 749 pump.

    Here is a list of things i have tried.
    1. Re made the crank sensor plug on the loom side.
    2. Fitted crank sensor from a working bike.
    3. Reset tps and adjusted co levels(greatly improved idle).
    4. Swapped out clutch plates.
    5. Fitted new clutch lever switch.
    6. Swapped air-box / throttle bodies and cables from a working bike.
  12. Is there a way you can video whats going on ?
    It seems we are all missing something that will help fix this issue.
    My 999 used to stall all the time, until i balanced the throttle bodys and calibrated the TPS .
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  13. Been looking into balancing, I may give this a try. But I’m not sure if that’s the issue.
    The bike idles fine starts fine and runs fine.
    Only thing I notice from time to time is the initial throttle response is lazy and I have to give extra revs to move off.
  14. I’m seeing a load of really good ideas! I’m still at basics I have a list of clutch problems that can cause this issue!

    just one question, if you pull the clutch in and it’s about to stall and you throttle up dose she creep?
  15. No, clutch in and hold the revs up and she behaves how she should. That’s why I was thinking it’s electrical. When I was playing with jpdiag I got my idle up to 3k as a test and it still cut out when off the throttle and clutch in. Currently got the idle at 1.5 k
  16. Ok, so,....top of the list is a bent or worn clutch push rod! , old oil or poor adjustment or the bearing on the spring plate.

    next is bent/warped clutch plates normally caused by a weak or faulty spring!

    next goes deeper! (Take it you Italian)...,,oh no...,that’s another channel!!!

    take the basket off! Check everything for damage! Including the shaft!
    Continue further! The binding clutch can be caused by a loose retaining nut worn thrust bearing normally caused by oil starvation! Let’s hope not, this normally results in a full rebuild!!!!

    (good for us not so good for your pocket)

    oh the push rod can be checked on a mirror to see if it’s bent! Take the rings off though or it won’t be correct
  17. Oh too much oil in the engine or the wrong viscosity oil can also cause this!

    you do fill your bike on level ground
  18. All food for thought.
  19. thought i was bad, but looking like you have a push rod fetish going on there Richard.. :thinkingface:
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  20. by “shaft” I mean the drive shaft through the engine that the pushrod travels through! If the thrust bearing has damaged this in any way it’s a case of taking the cases apart to fix!!
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