1299 Stalling

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  1. Bike stalled on me today twice.

    Both occasions were a closed throttle rolling to a stop at low speed.

    No warning lights and bike started again on the button.

    Any thoughts ?
  2. 1198 used to do that till Snells tweaked it during a service for me. Still did it a tiny bit until CJS mapped the bike, then it never happened again. Hasnt happened on my 1299s tho. Ever.
  3. Maybe the Clutch lever switch or sidestand switch?
  4. I think its just a fuelling issue. maybe a tps reset or summit.
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  5. 1st time was good fuel from shell garage I use all the time so hard to think it's fuel.

    Plus the seocnd time i had filled up at a BP garage so inlikely two different premium brand garages selling sh1t fuel.

    Will ask the dealer tomorrow
  6. I'm pretty sure this has happened to me a couple times over the last year or so. I've just put it down to character for now :confused:
  7. Character is not fun though when it cuts out cranked over at 45 degrees in a corner.

    Traction and grip are lost and you run wide and crash.

    It's more than a inconvience imo. It has the potential to be a big safety issue.
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  8. Agreed, that is pretty terrible and definitely a serious problem!
    The few times mine has occurred though is only when coming to a stop at low speed with the clutch in, throttle closed, so only registered as an inconvenience for now! Definitely prefer it not to happen though, so if there's any fixes would love to hear them!
  9. My Aprilia V4 used to do this. Italian character.
  10. Mate sold his 1198 because of a similar issue. Used to do it nearly every time he pulled to a stop. Final straw was when he was slowing down for a roundabout. Stalled, back end locked and went sideways. Nearly highsided.
  11. When you say stall and it cuts out, does the screen go off and on?

    I had this a few times when the bike was new and running in, it happened again the other week for the first time in ages, when off throttle coming up to a roundabout. It starts again no problem but I do always have it in the back of my head that it would be a serious issue mid corner.
  12. Were you on a track ? Only reason I ask because your previous post suggested you were closed throttle and coming to a stop

    But this post above your a bit over suggesting your trying to give it some

  13. for what its worth: I had similar issue on my hyper 821 and technician found severe carbon build up on one of my AIS valves. very low mileage bike and I am the 2nd owner. theory is that original owner did a lot of idling with the bike (i.e. running it for a while in his driveway without going anywhere) which caused the carbon build up.
  14. Dealer said they will check for fuel updates when it's booked in next month.

    Hopefully they will have a fix
  15. Could a dirty air filter contribute to the stalling issue at low speed?

    I ask as last couple of rides the nose cone has been absolutely covered in dead flies so imagine the filter must have plenty in there.
  16. This happened on my 1199, and two 1299's, I believe a TPS reset was carried out at the dealers however, it could just be that the engine had loosened up a bit as it seemed to happen within the first couple of thousand miles.
  17. ive heard of two 1299's with this issue.

    A guy i know of got sorted through Ducati manchester i think. It was a software issue afaik.
  18. My 1299 stalled often. Reported many times to dealer. Precursor to QS failing.
    QS replaced and not happened since.
  19. Hopefully something simple like a software update or a TPS reset then