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1200 R Stanard Suspension Settings

Discussion in 'Monster' started by riskypicker, Jul 5, 2020.

  1. Can anyone confirm the standard suspension settings for the Rear of a 1200R.

    The workshop manual i have states its a Sachs unit, but its clearly an Ohlins.

    So im not sure what to go by. Pretty sure mines been fettled by the previous owner as there's tool marks on the adjusters.

    Would like to go back to standard and try and work from there.
  2. There's an Ohlins app which is really good to set up the suspension, free download, if that helps
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  3. I used the Ohlins app yesterday trying out my Motool Slacker and found it really easy to use.

    here's a copy of the relevant pages from the 1200R owners manual



  4. That's very interesting. Where did you obtain it and Is it a downloadable PDF ?
  5. They’re screen shots from my owners manual
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