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  1. do tell what steps have any of you done to improve the stoping of your sporty tourer,mine has brembo pads in standard set up ,but not much feel to them ,iv'e bled them no better they seem to lack intial bite ,could be a bit down to tyres maybe which i will change soon i dont no how old they are. there dunlop sport touring
  2. Dunlop were original fit on mine and lasted a good 14 years, I replaced them with Pirelli Stradas and noticed improved handling - probably due to square old Dunlops! Brakes are still original pads and don't seem too shabby but I've not compared them to anything else
  3. When were the brakes last stripped and cleaned?
    My bike came with 4-pad calipers from a 999, which I thought were OK but not great. I stripped the calipers and found found at least two pistons in each caliper to be a partially seized. So the brakes still worked, but weren't working to their best.
    Some rebuild parts from a KTM dealer (pistons, seals) sorted the job right out!
    Perhaps some attention to the calipers would be in order, to make sure everything's moving as freely as it should?
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  4. Your tyres were on for 14 years? Was it kept in @Exige shed by any chance.
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  5. If you don't have them and can get some go for a set of P4 callipers. Massive step forward on the old standard callipers, although 4 pads makes a bit more expensive to change them. Braided hoses help, especially of you are on old rubber hoses (which will probably be knackered by now). Radial master cylinder last IMHO
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  6. Nearly as old as my helmet o_O get yer money's worth :bucktooth:
  7. My tyres didn't get fully utilised in the 14 years due to 'life events' :) various sheds were used for storage purposes
    My helmet is now turning 18 :( might have to stick on ebay to help finance a newer one :upyeah:
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  8. I have to say that my sps came with new untouched 2000/2001 date marked up tyres in 2014 which were removed very late 2017,now replaced with some michelin's which don't seem that great:(,the old tyres heated up much better:).
  9. Methinks when magazines tell you tyres will self destruct after 5 years they may be speaking with forked tongues - I believe Pirelli actually give a 10 year assurance on their tyres from manufacture date (don't quote me) and I'd trust them before any magazine hack that is dependent on handouts from all sorts of dubious sources. I always replaced the Dunlops on my Monster with the same and had no problem - I went with Pirelli this time due to excellent deal.
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  10. Its the same as helmets.
  11. Indeed, stir up some confusion for more sales - all good marketing
  12. Callipers clean pistons all moving nice and freely. Had a good look at pads they say brembo also have Toshiba stamp on them so I would guess that's who made them for brembo. They look sintered to me. Looking forward to new tyres . May go for the angels had them on my bmw rs and thought they were great
  13. I swapped my standard calipers when i had my ST4S for 4 piston 4 pad ones from a 998s i think
    The difference is night and day.
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  14. if you're on a budget
    strip service the OEM 2 pads callipers
    get new steel braided brake lines

    better method
    749 /999 (also 998s aprillia ktm etc ) P4/34 calipers
    19x18 radial master cylinder (from a 749/999)
    new steel braided brake lines