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748 Sump Plug Pita!

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by ALISTAIR STANWAY, Jan 25, 2020.

  1. OK. Anyone had a sump plug stuck and strip the Allen head, even when using the right size? Sump plug seems stuck.
    Can’t believe it’s an ally plug!
  2. no.... well ive not... sounds like a bitch.. perhaps try the forum favorite (and pretty good) method of tapping in the tightest fitting torx bit you can...
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  3. you turning it the right way?;):punch:
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  4. Torx is easiest get out. They’re brass not ally, so if you resort to hitting it to get it out, bear in mind it’ll shave off easier than ally.
  5. What a @#$%@ nightmare! No joy with Torx. Its like its welded in. I really have no idea how thats coming out. I've eve tried to very carefully tap the edge with a chisel which felt pretty terrible TBH but its just not moving at all.

    And yes... I'm turning it the right way, unless its a left handed thread ;)
  6. im no expert and others may be able to give better advice but perhaps as a last resort you could drill it out...draining the oil via the filter first.
  7. drill a hole and use a large ezy out.
  8. If you ran the engine till its hot it could help?
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  9. Aluminium expands more than Brass, the question is will it expand and make the hole smaller, or larger :bucktooth: it's not straightforward on castings :thinkingface: worth a go though :)
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  10. Fair play. Didn't want to run the motor TBH as the belts defy need doing as its been stood a long while but want to drop off the generator case to get it repainted.
    Stud extractor kit here we come .
  11. remember its upside down...
  12. Yes, Lefty Lucy, Righty tighty :)
  13. When you are lying on your back, not when looking down at it from above.
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  14. Just wait until you try and get the filter off. :astonished:
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  15. never had a prob with a filter.. does this happen also?
  16. can you get mole grips on it?
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  17. Oh yes. Ask @Cream_Revenge
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  18. I’d be careful drilling it.... there a good chance you’re going to land brass in the sump and there’s a magnet on it which is going to end up rolling around in there to. You’ll get the magnet easy enough, but getting the brass out is going to be a harder task.
    It’s. A bitch of a job, but drilling would be a last resort imo.
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  19. Yeah I have ordered a Laser Laser 5967 Screw Extractor set. That should do the trick hopefully. Really don't want to damage anything. I've worked on many bikes in the past but never seen a sump plug stuck like this.

    Thanks for all the suggestions and support :) We'll get there.
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  20. how much meat is on the bung? could you drill into it (not through) and try an ezy out? what would you try? im a ham fisted fucker so would probably use a hammer and punch and crack the casings in the process!
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