1299 Superleggera Exhaust...now This Looks Promising!!

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  1. Had to happen at some stage. 10lbs total weight! Pricing and quality looks pretty good too. All titanium system and $2800 including headers. More info here:


    Screen+Shot+2017-09-11+at+12.56.13+PM.png Red Line Rear Pic.JPG
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  2. I think I’ve just jizzed myself
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  3. More like $3,500 dollars with shipping & import taxes...

    Video shown on the redline moto site
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  4. They do look amazing
  5. Very nice indeed. Are they self-supporting? There appear to be unused mounting points of some sort on the inside edges of each can.
  6. nice subframe
  7. Makes me want to buy a Pani again... sexy feckin cans dem
  8. Nope. You're just getting used to it and its better than a 959. Still looks like a wheelbarrow.
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  9. image.jpeg Not dissimilar to the AR ones on show at Silverstone the other week

    They barked!!
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  10. How many tracks are going to entertain a bike with those AR cans fitted? Not many!
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  11. There must be a way of baffling them to get them to the levels needed. Ok, the cans are short, so maybe they need to have a baffle that sits in the pipework. Makes it a cosmetic rather than performance update potentially tho :confused:
  12. There is a brace mounted to those brackets? Clearly seen in both pictures :)
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  13. I emailed Redline and was impressed with the speed of their response. I asked them a few questions, the answers to which I have set out below, as well as a few pictures of the system itself.

    1. The Redline system will fit all 1199 and 1299 single sided swing arm versions. Stock sub frames included. You may need to ditch the rear foot pegs though.
    2. The Redline Supperleggera was designed to provide for equidistant pipe length between the front and rear cylinders as well as smooth bends for the best laminar flow. We are on iteration number 7. We have raced No 6 extensively. Number 7, is our cleanup of the little details; bung locations, bracket mount hole sizes etc.
    3. The Redline belly pan is being finished as we write. When we started, we could not find a pan that did NOT require either fairing modification and/or fan removal. This is being finished as we speak to allow for both; keeping the fairing intact and keeping your fan on to prevent potential overheating. Also, the pan will serve as a fully enclosed pan in compliance with racing rules. As a note, the photos of this belly pan (attached) are not the Redline Pan. We prototyped quite a few designs before arriving at the final program. This will be available in Q4-2017. Full carbon, light weight, ride ready…NO BS.
    4. The system is fully lobster tail welded with Argon gas evacuation. We have been running it on a track only bike with great results.
    As a footnote they added:

    "Last, since we are in the middle of making these systems, we are taking pre-orders at a pretty steep discount. As always, we guarantee everything we do with 100% replacement or return for workmanship/quality issues. We ride, we race and we don’t want our stuff breaking either."

    Here are the pics. The system is set up to accept both wide and narrow band (OEM) Lambda sensors, which for anyone with a Rapidbike module would be a huge bonus. As this is an ongoing project and Redline appear to want to perfect this product, for a first attempt at an SL styled exhaust, it's pretty impressive IMHO. Thoughts anyone?

    Pictures in order are: Front Header, Lambda Sensors, First Installation, Rear After 1.5K miles, Rear View, Pipework1, Pipework2, Bellypan Revision 6, Y-Pipe

    Redline R5 Front Header.jpg Redline R6 2 Bung.JPG Redline R6 First Install.JPG Redline R6 Rear 1.5kmiles.JPG RedlIne R6 Rear.JPG Redline Rev 6 Superleggera.JPG Redline Rev 6 Supperleggera.JPG Redline Rev 6.JPG Redline Y Pipe.JPG
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  14. The welding quality alone makes them worth the money - if it was done by human he is a god, if it was done by machine somebody had to spend weeks programming it to get it so good
  15. I'm with you there. I've yet to decide and need to do a little more research on them as a company but if they prove to be worth their salt, I might just be tempted and ditch the full Akra system I am running. They seem very open and willing to answer any questions and emails I have sent them thus far and this is a brand new product but they are offering it at a very keen price compared to many others and the build quality looks to be of a very high standard. For example, when you compare the price of this to say the Motocorse downpipes alone, its very competitive, bearing in mind this is a FULL system that comes with twin lambda bungs, all the hardware, heatshields etc and only weighs 10lbs. I'm not a lover of the AR system posted up earlier, even less so the shape of their end cans, which look a little cheap in their construction. This system is a close as you will get, it seems, to the 1299 SL full system setup but at a fraction of the stratospheric price they are allegedly going for (if you know where to source one that is).
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  16. Some more pics from Redline showing routeing near sump to avoid overheating the oil and another of the rear of the bike taken at a track day.

    IMG_2287.JPG IMG_2290.JPG RedLine Rear.JPG
  17. duc 999 ex.jpg
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  18. Just needs some chicken wire stuffed down the ends............