1299 Superleggera Exhaust...now This Looks Promising!!

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  1. On the SL1299 no, but on the Redline system I believe it's achievable, assuming they want to produce one and with a sleeker profile. I see where they are going in trying to produce one pan to fit all needs (predominantly track day owners) BUT in it's current guise it seems massively oversized and accepting that you must have SOME clearance so as the pipework within the bellypan doesn't melt the plastic/carbon or whatever, I still feel it could be tidied up. Only included the SL image to illustrate that even with the proximity of the lower section of pipework, you can still make the bellypan look elegant and fit precisely. I hope redline can come up with something along these lines. I guess most people are now waiting for the all important dyno charts and numbers to be posted up. BTW, is 107db a non starter for UK trackdays anyone?



    Make them out of something easily repairable?
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  4. How loud is your setup? Has it ever been noise tested?
  5. The poor tail is so intimidated by the sound it's shaking...
  6. Not mine, just a Google image.
  7. I am in Australia, how do you know I am shouting
    the exhaust looks loud, maybe we gotta shout to be heard???
  8. That's effectively gonna push it around and possibly over 112dB at a typical track day noise test, gonna need some serious baffles to get on a UK track :(
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  9. Hey everyone,

    New to the forum I was actually brought here because of this Post about the Redline exhaust. From what I'm seeing right now I might ditch the slip on and go for these. But does anyone know the specs for the Akrapovic undertail system for the 1299FE? Weight, DP lvl, material used, etc etc etc?
  10. I think the price point of the FE system is going to be unsurprisingly molto expensive, hence why this offering from Redline is generating so much interest. Don't even contemplate the price of a 1299SL full Akrapovic system, unless you wish to part with at least £8000 and assuming you know where to get one. Trouble is, I don't think they (Redline Moto) know how to market it particularly well and as a result are missing out on some potential sales. They have been slow to respond to calls for proper (official) DB noise results, coy over their dyno figures and must at least provide some DB killers as an option. Their marketing hype on their website (specifically their wording) comes across as is a little juvenile and unprofessional in places and their belly pan design needs addressing. If they can work to resolve these issues, then they have a very viable product on their hands. I only hope they take this onboard and realise the potential. They just need to treat this as a business and less (as it seems apparent) as a group of hobbyists knocking out the odd system here and there. They need to add value to what is ostensibly a good product by a more professional attitude and by a willingness to work with potential customers and swifter responses to answering major concerns. I would like nothing more than to see them succeed, but they must be able to listen to their market and be over and resolve any reservations from potential buyers, like a rash.
  11. We have made some new decisions over here at Redline. Upon the mass concerns over the belly pan design we have decided that our street belly pan will be made out of carbon fiber and hold the line of the stock fairings.(no more curve). However our race belly pan for fluid retention will likely have a curve as this design has yet to be finalized.
  12. As stated on a separate forum, we are struggling to get our graphs from the shop we did our dyno testing at. We will however be conducting another test at a different shop.

    Additionally we will be having the bike professionally noise tested at CCS Daytona on October 21st.
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  13. The Akrapovic FE exhaust is never in my consideration probably cost me my liver, kidney, and lungs to buy it. It would be nice to see what Akrapovic has under its belt in terms of weight, power, DP Lever etc. From my search online it seems that the Akrapovic FE exhaust system has just the same amount of information as Redline does which is not that much so I can understand why Redline has yet to provide the DP level and power etc. That being said we all know Akrapovic makes an excellent exhaust and that's why I'm excited because it seems to me that Redline might give Akrapovics a run for their money.
  14. You might want to take a look here. I am trying to squeeze some more info out of them but it's frustratingly difficult. I'm not sure they realise the potential of the product, or worringly the negative impression they are casting on would be customers, given the response time to questions posed and/or not addressing specific concerns raised which I have alluded to on the linked thread:

  15. Now THAT is good news!!
  16. Thanks for the response RM. Moving forward I feel. Any news on the DB killer option if it's over 102db? Also I posted up on this thread some (rather poorly photshopped) images of a "slimmer" bellypan design. Will you be able to post up some images of the new design on here when available? Again thanks for the responses on here. It's great to know your voice is being heard when you approach a company, so I commend you on the responding to the feedback.
  17. Noted: We're cutting some designs for a straight pan that accommodates the kick stand.

    Second, db killers are an option. We can make them, they will erode some sound quality.

    Thank you, Redline Moto
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  18. @Redline Moto

    Essentially if you can market a system that will pass U.K. noise limits with baffles in, and doesn’t cost the absolute earth you will likely find it rather popular.

    Especially if your system has performance gains.
  19. Was thinking the same. Would be useful to acu test it for UK audience :upyeah:
  20. Looks like they are listening Breakout998:

    "We have looked at those edited photos and will be posting our own designs within the week, so stayed tuned for updates."