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Tail Tidy

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by Ash Hussain, Dec 20, 2020.

  1. I had a £200 Amazon voucher and got myself the R&G tail tidy. Now it’s on, I don’t really like it. :(

    Plate is a little small, 6x4, have now ordered a 7x5. Hopefully will cover the bracket.

    now I need to get rid of the indicators...



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  2. I would move the whole indicator set up to where the reflector is..

    This was my first attempt at a tail tidy on my old bike. It failed when the number plate hit the tyre and ripped the whole lot off.:confused::mad:

    But the indicators could have easily stayed where they were..:upyeah:


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  3. That is a very good idea. I may attempt that or get the integrated indicators which fit into the reflector area. Think I’ve seen it on eBay.

    I noticed that your front radiator surround is black. Was that as standard or did you have them done? Mine are silver. Don’t look nice.
  4. I painted them.....and the headlight surround and the silencer
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  5. The original set up is far more attractive IMO
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  6. Excellent idea! (Sorry for knocking your ideas) ;)
  7. I think you’re right. Should have tried original setup with a smaller plate.
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