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Tax Changes Affect Goods From Eu To Uk

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Longdog, Jan 4, 2021.

  1. It’s viewed the same way here in France. However, when I closely look at NATO organization, it looks very political to me. You can see dozens and dozens of non military oriented committees, and only a few really dealing with military issues (mainly defensive, as you say, but not exclusively anymore), the main being the Military Committee.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if more civilians actually worked at the NATO HQ in Brussels than military.
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  2. I guess you need to be aware which goods you can send to the EU. There are bound to be restrictions. Meat, fruit and dairy can't be sent or taken across. That was reported on the press already. I don't know if car parts have any restriction. I could imagine fuel tanks might be a no no. Time will tell.
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  3. you are going to need to know the country of origin. & the relevent HS code for the customs declaration
    if you just send stuff in the post then the recipient will likely get hit for vat, duty and and admin fee by the carrier. if you are unlucky then your package may be held at customs or returned and they wont refund you (depends on the carrier)
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  4. it's looking like euro trackdays are going to need a Carnet document and insurance for each bike and possibly tools helmets and other kit too. having dealt with Carnets alot in the past, this is going to be a massive extra headache for TDOs
  5. Surely your choice ?
  6. Ah the memories
  7. But now the UK no longer has the facility to deport asylum seekers back to their original EU access point (I'm not saying they should, but now they simply can't)
    I'd imagine the EU countries won't stand in the way of folk seeking to cross the channel to claim asylum. Why would they?
    In addition, looking at it objectively, Europeans will no longer come here to work, learn the language, or see another culture. They filled many jobs which if still present after covid and brexit (all the hotels and bars, coffeeshops and restaurants around central London for instance) will need to be filled by people from outside the EU. This will draw further non EU immigration.
    I don't mind this at all, provided immigrants try to integrate. I'd take every asylum seeker going who wants to integrate and to work if it were down to me, but I do love talking however briefly to the European people. There were loads in the coffeeshops. They were pleasant, cheerful and highly intelligent, and I'd love if my son or daughter brought one home.
    Anyhow, that's all gone, and that's a real shame.
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  8. On the black Vs white thing going both ways in the southern US, the whites weren't bought and sold as slaves, raped, whipped, murdered, lynched and discriminated against in legislature for hundreds of years. I'll cast judgement on it.
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  10. I see supermarkets have told the Government that the Brexit agreement is unworkable for them on many levels.

    how is Johnson still PM? He is a walking , blustering disaster.
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  11. I just didn’t want to trigger a discussion over the origins of this antagonism, which is now known in history. Just trying to illustrate the fact that disliking another ethnicity doesn’t always equal to disliking people from other countries, with a current present example.

    That being said, if you want to be completely accurate and go farther back in history, the Mediterranean coasts of Southern Europe were regularly raided by “African” slavers (not necessarily black, but also from Arabic origins), who ransacked coastal villages and terrorized local populations for decades (if not centuries) abducting men, women and children. You’ll see lots of villages built atop the hills and watchtowers still, when you travel along the French, Italian, Sicilian, Sardinian and Corsican coasts. To cast the alert when slaver ships were approaching.

    So humanity being what it is, it does go both ways, from a purely historical stand point.
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  12. You want to be careful...suggesting slavery wasn't invented (and perpetuated) by white Europeans :astonished:
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  13. Those ancient Greeks have a lot to answer for, with their democracy (For the few, not the many), and other crazy notions!
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  14. ...and it is still perpetuated by various other races/cultures in a number of different forms...suck on that!
  15. start another thread gents
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  16. I have been waiting for a parcel for two weeks now looks like brexit is causing an issue for products to arrive then be sent out

    lot of products have been out of stock
  17. Yeah but you've got a large portion of sovereignty and a there's a shitload of British fish rotting on the docks so no problem?
  18. Don’t forget the Egyptians and their Pyramids before that. Somebody had to do the heavy lifting for them...

    Back to topic, I read not long ago that with the global warming, people started to grow vineyards on the British isles and were starting to produce very decent wines. So all is not lost!!! :upyeah::):)
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