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Temporarily Heating Garage

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by Symon Moore, Apr 7, 2021.

  1. My concrete floor is pretty darn cold!!
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  2. Fuck it, just bring them in to the house and sleep between them. Safe, warm and you will wake up with a .......
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  3. Yes, but the RATE at which heat is lost is not as great as the rate at which it would be lost through the rest of the fabric. If you stuck a heater facing the floor, the floor would eventually saturate and the heat loss would rapidly decline and the floor temp would reach equilibrium with the space. As the ground remains where it is and doesnt move around. (caravans not included)

    On an external wall it will never saturate as the air moves and is replaced by another bulk air movement, over and over again. If you had a fixed volume of air that doesnt move, ie another room and it is sealed, then that would eventually reach the same temp and equipibrium (here we approach the zeroth law of thermo in a hapdash way)

    Dont confuse surface temperature with the rate of heat loss.

    Anyway, why are you sleeping on the floor?
  4. You’ve not met his wife!
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  5. If your garage is terrible for heat loss rather than insulate the garage just protect the bike, get some carpet on the floor, a cover that wraps the whole of the bike and maybe a blanket for a second layer over the engine and internals. Just make sure that there aren’t any bags of bird seed or similar in the garage as one winter my bike was so nicely wrapped up a mouse decided to take up residence within my bike that could have become a very expensive piece of butchery !
  6. Apparently I snore and need to pay penance
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  7. Just one thing that your Wife finds disagreeable.......no fkn way:worried:
  8. One of many but this one keeps her up
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  9. Garages are pretty poor for keeping in heat, very little insulation, draughty door, concrete floors and very often single skin bbrickwork to name a few design faults.
    You would be chucking money straight out of the badly insulated roof, unless you address the heat loss you'll have a never ending battle.
    Cover the bike in blankets is probably best.
  10. If your garage is attached to the house does it contain your boiler ?, I was lucky as mine does and it was very cheep to add an additional rad, I swapped the door for an insulated roller and added a rubber floor over the concrete, it also has my double fridge, I find these days is just as warm as the house. Part of my garage is a gym and it can be used all year round.
  11. In the winter months I use a protective ‘Ducati’ cover and over that a plastic one which nearly reaches the floor.
    I then use a thermostatically controlled fan heater to create warm air movement
    with in the cover.
    It keeps moisture at bay and the bike damp free.
    Usually from around October to March when it gets chilly.
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  12. I can only think that the battery had come to the end of its life then. You can’t charge or maintain a battery once it’s past a certain point .
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  13. I don’t agree, it’s well documented that extreme cold can damage a battery & it was fine when last used with a perfect charge & on an Optimate charger. New leads in place now & an upgraded battery but as this cold spell shows no sign of doing one, just looking for a quick fix on stopping it happening again. Some great replies here & I thank you all.
  14. I take the batteries off in winter and will delay keeping them on until this cold snap ends , only takes a few minutes to put them back on .
  15. Do you live in Alaska? :p
  16. Is this modern bikes? Not sure I’d want to take mine off a Panigale or multi, given all the electronics don’t seem to like a total loss of juice
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  17. My 916 has to be on a trickle charge. My 1198 I could leave for a while and it was okay but too long and battery would die. The 1299 I can leave and forget mostly.

    I have both on a dual optimate, but will occassionally leave 1299 off as I forget to plug it in. I darent on the 916.
  18. Feels like it this week Paul. I’m sure it’s a combination of a two year old battery, although I would’ve expected more from a Yuasa high performance battery & a very cold garage with the bike more or less left alone for a few months. As I say, I finally got Stu’s leads on now and bought a battery with a higher CCA but I have noticed in the past that it definitely is more comfortable starting when it’s warmer so it seems sensible to ask for advice
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