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1200 R Termi Baffle - Keep Or Remove?

Discussion in 'Monster' started by dubcat, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. No because you’ll get an ASBO

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  2. Of course! Don’t be a wuss

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  1. people with termi’s do you keep the baffle or not?
  2. Bin it......:upyeah:
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  3. What baffle?
  4. It's the only bike that I found painfully loud without baffles... I may just be getting old tho
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  5. My baffles are still wrapped in tissue paper, never been fitted.
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  6. Yep through them in attic
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  7. I'm speechless. Actually speechless. I took out the baffles. I started the bike in the garage. It literally sounded like someone fired a shotgun! My heart is still beating at 1000bpm :)

    OK based on the above.. the baffles are staying out!
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  8. I have an M1100S. It has Termis. They didn't have baffles in when I bought it. Sounds brill to me :D.

    But then again I'm deaf :confused:
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  9. I have left mine in on my Monster R as its too noisy to my delicate ears and I feel that the bike fuels better.
  10. LoL. Yeah, my last ride out was with them out....one before that was with them in !! Depends on the time of day and how many of my neighbours about, or my mood !! Think I must be getting old too, as sometimes I think, oooer, that’s a bit loud !!
  11. I’m going to go on tour without them.. by the time I get home I’ll know if they are too loud for me :bomb:
  12. I have a SC project rather than termis,

    But all the same its baffle out, sounds amazing and why wait for other vehicles to see you when they can hear you coming first .
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  13. I've run mine with both in and out, albeit SC Project duals, not Termis. They're currently in; we have a holiday let and caravan site and I leave for work at 7am. It's not going to be good for business waking all the holidaymakers up early every morning.
  14. My recently purchased multi has a stubby termi and a leo decat....
    Every start up, both barrels, unloaded right at you :)
    Fruity sir, shes very fruity!
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  15. SC-Project Conic Carbon with Rexxer flash. Baffle out hanging in the yard as a wind chime.
    #15 DarR, May 16, 2019
    Last edited: May 16, 2019
  16. Remove them. Have them crushed. That's all...
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  17. Now that I’ve had the bike a while I understand your point completely and feel stupid for asking :)
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  18. In reality you're never going to ask your neighbours for a cup of sugar...….
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  19. You should definitely keep them.
    Oiled and wrapped in newspaper in the loft is the best place for this.
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  20. When I had the 1200 Multi it had a full termi system and with the baffles in it sound dreadful. With the baffle out it could be ear splittingly loud if cracked the throttle open. I left it out when riding in the UK but fitted it for riding in Europe.
    The Scrambler has had a Termi from new. The baffle has never been fitted. Nobody has complained.
    The Supersport also has a Termi on it. When I fitted it last year I left the baffle out but this year I've tried it with the baffle fitted. Surprisingly it's not much quieter.

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