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Termignoni Baffles For Monster 696

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Richard bishop, Oct 1, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    Just bought a Monster 696 with Termis fitted. They are a bit loud for the neighbours, where is the best place to buy some baffles? I assume they are held in place using the screw hole near the end of the can?

    Richard Bishop
  2. eBay seller Zorg_2011 may be able to help, I needed one for the termis on my M1200, I got 2 from him for £30, Termigoni wanted £160 for 2, his are very well made but are more exit reducers as they don’t have end caps, I made end caps and cut slots in the sides to replicate the original, but if you message him through eBay he may have what you need, failing that just measure the diameter you need and get generic ones for a few pounds on eBay.
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