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Termis Damaged By The Side Stand..

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by David Bennett, Nov 27, 2020.

  1. Just noticed that my Termi's have been damaged by the side stand, bike does seem to lean a little to far, have seen some posts where this has been a problem, anyone had any luck claiming from Ducati for the damage, is their a recognized issue with the side stand....
    2017 XDS 2500 miles
  2. Can you post a picture ? Andy
  3. Christ, here....

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  4. took a while but here is the damage caused to the termi by the side stand when in the up position...

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  5. that's not good is it? could be partly due to the works continued use of "earlier" compliance mounts that weren't really up to some jobs over 12 years ago. See how the blue one in the picture shows full "squirm"/compression allowing heavy exhaust to swivel and possibly responsible for the side stand clash.
  6. Tad annoying that this either misalignment was missed. Or perhaps it vibrated into the wrong position?
  7. Must be some misalignment there. I never had an issue on mine.
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  8. Shouldn’t he be hitting that with his hand?
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  9. The later termi now has a stop fitted to stop the stand hitting. Wonder if you could get a warranty claim for the newer exhaust


    this is from a 1260 diavel
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  10. that's really helpful ^ :upyeah: rules out the sloppy mount theory.
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  11. This is the stop, small bracket with a rubber insert

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