V4 Testride V4s Impressions / Hp4 Comparison

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  1. Most of you guys have most likely read this very well written thread from Advikaz:

    First of all it might be important to know that I have never owned a Ducati before, nor lasted my testrides on any Duc (916/998/1098) longer than 10 minutes. Mostly because of the uncomfortable feel with seat pillow, riding position and harsh suspension. I know all was OEM and could be fiddled in with different spring rates and / or accessories, but I never had a good opinion on the Ducs. Almost all the time I thought, what is the character attitude good for, when the damn thing does not start below 10°C, kiicks you off the seat most of the time on backroads, make your wrist hurt and, and, and...
    So actually I was the opposite of a Ducati fanboy (and maybe a pussy regarding comfort, but hell...).

    My current bike is a well prepped HP4 competition with Z04 pads, and I did testrides (and swapped bikes with friends who own these bikes) on the current beamer and also on the current R1 (non-M), so I know these engines and chassis quite well in order to put the V4 into perspective. My personal subjective opinion of course (and lacking experience with older Panigale versions), but still....

    To make a long story short: the V4 engine is simply in another league compared to the previous mentioned bikes. I felt the same difference, when I swapped from my old R1 RN12 to the HP4 which was better in simply every area.
    My HP4 is not exactly weak, but the V4 (200km on the odo) felt (and was) so strong from 4k on, that I actually still can't believe the performance plus I really like the engine's way to rev / sound. I was immediately reminded of the crossplane engine of the current R1, which I always adored. Difference between R1 and V4: the R1 starts to make fun at 9k and the V4 at 4k. Seriously the difference is that big.
    The Z04 pads on my HP4 really put the OEM brake to another level, but the OEM brake on the V4 is even better. More controllable (maybe better electronics, too?) and at the same time more powerful. Simply perfect for road and track.

    Just like Advikaz I think the clutch bites too late on the lever, but after a short while I was used to it and did not think about anymore. I was more irritated on the late throttle response though, with too much space between closed throttle and the first engine response.

    Quickshifter and blipper worked very good when you concentrate on when and how to press the lever. 5k and more rpm work flawlessly. One has to get used to the IMHO a bit too long travel of the gear lever though.

    The front suspension worked brilliant on back roads and smooth tarmac, but the 95Nm spring on the shock is still too harsh IMHO. Even in street mode and customized softened settings, but as there are so many options it will be fun to work with it.

    Seat is very comfortable and OEM wind protection is surprisingly better as on my HP4 with longer screen. 180kph sitting upright no problem at all (I'm 180cm tall).
    But when I wanted to tuck in behind the shield moving my ares backwards the damn plastic support from the mono-seat (comes OEM together with a passenger seat) is a bit too close. Meaning I can't imagine the rider being taller than 182cm and feel comfortable riding the V4.

    On a minor note: not a big fan of the small 16l fuel capacity and that currently the only available tire choice is the Supercorsa SP in 200/60.
    But apart from that, I honestly had no idea what this V4s is capable of. Although I will never reach its potential nor will I do trackdays with it; I was already going much faster on my home track.

    The keyword should be effortlessly faster, where you in summary have the reason why I will pick it up next weekend. :)
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  2. Agree with many points you mentioned, I had 1 for the Easter weekend. Whilst the V4 does most things effortless and is great at what it does, the rear seat unit isn't the greatest. Barely any carrying capacity, except for a £10 note, so make sure you have pockets or a bum bag. Also I noticed that the EBC wasn't Ducati-esque as in previous models (V4 v a Twin thing I guess).

    1 or 2 from Bala Lake last week.


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  3. 7EE4D26A-31EE-433D-8FCE-30D9BAFE5DB4.jpeg D266503B-7FB4-4F13-9AC8-676C0158EF85.jpeg 23C45EDA-7535-43B1-AC13-3ABB8070C176.jpeg 4CA4FA72-4EE0-4811-A566-E25FA3F7DCB4.jpeg Tadaaa: look how tiny the V4S is compared to the HP4. I also removed the ugly catlights from the forklegs with a hair dryer.
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  4. Nice pair :astonished:,i think the front of the Pani looks like the r1m with the number board on, i would take the hp4, just.
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  5. The HP4 was the trade in. If you‘d done a testride on both I bet you‘d change your opinion on which one to take.
    I never intended to buy the V4S, but it is truly the MUCH better bike. Period.
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  6. Hp4 looks massive next to the pani and I know the bmw is quite small, I am warming to the new v4.
  7. What a great speech!! The HP4 is a monster of a package. The V4 must be mega! Roll on delivery!

    I've already been on the FullSix website this morning for some carbon fibre loveliness...
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  8. Every test i have read seems to say that the V4 is a leap forward in bike technology.

    Read the piece on this month PB mag by Johnnie Mac. Very well written and just makes me want to go and ride one.
  9. Still be interesting to see what the new S1000 has in it's armoury next year! Hope to try the V4 at some point
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  10. I'd say it'll be viably difficult to trump the V4 power/torque wise with it's sneaky little (cheating) extra 103cc.
  11. The V4 would be my pick at the moment. I was surprised to see the Italians rank it behind the R1!!

  12. They ranked it behind the R1 as it was 2nd fastest as well as their 'opinions' maybe they were truly independent testers and not patriotic ones :thinkingface:
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  13. I'd like that hp4 carbon frame jobbie. That looks nice.
  14. Yeah, R1 wins! Load of bollocks- Always politics in these kind of tests. Especially tests involving Italians...
    I can't see the vid as I'm on a wanky Shell location but I think I know which one it is. They wittered on about the V4 being a bit flakey on the brakes?? Shite. I simply don't believe that.
  15. It’s my favorite, and I hope they stick the V4 in a naked chassis so I can buy one, but I don’t think it’s the game changer that the launch hype made out. I’ve seen a few comparisons by Italian and German journalists and it’s not storming away with honors.
  16. Fair enough. It's good that the media throw some balance in there. I don't doubt that the margins are narrow. I'm just a bit skeptical of Italians. I've worked with loads over the years and they can be tricky bastards, that's all....
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  17. I make a point of never buying from them on ebay now, too much grief from previous encounters!
    I work with an Italian and even he says Italians don't like dealing with Italians....:eyes:
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  18. Thanks for the mention :)

    It goes to show that there is no ‘best bike’ for everyone.

    We are in a mega time at the moments where it seems the manufactures are back in an arms race again.
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  19. Could you please refrain from making derogatory comments about Italians (or any nationality, as it were..) . Italians make the motorbikes we love, ultimately they are the reason this forum exists in the first place. Please direct your venom elsewhere. I wouldn't dream of passing judgements about England based on some of the experience I had with certain Englishmen in the last 30 years of living in the UK. Offensive comments don't help.
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  20. Just to shed some light on this issue, the magazine “Motociclismo” ( which conducted the above comparative test) has recently published Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali's answer to a letter from a reader who was asking how come that the V4 was slower than the Japs.

    I will translate some excerpts : “ The V4 was only 0.07 seconds slower, at 1'40''66 . Our tester Alessandro Valia did 1'36''8 with the same Pirelli SC1 slicks used in the test, so the V4 potential is way better that the Motociclismo tester's time (4 seconds per lap). During the development phase the V4 lapped in 1'35''5, i.e. only 4'' from Zarco's best lap in the latest Valencia MotoGP race and 3'' from Petrucci's GP17 (same race).” “ It was really cold in Valencia on the day of the test, and Motociclismo's testers had very little time to familiarize with the V4 electronics, particularly slide braking and slide control. It is understandable they couldn't fully take advantage of the V4 outstanding power ,which is controlled by highly performing electronics.” “One last thing: in Valencia you just get to 5th gear and there is only one straight. When you have time to use the 6th , the V4 turns into a really nasty beast”.

    Motociclismo's testers commented that the conditions on the race track were the same for all bikes, however they fully acknowledged that they might have needed a a longer than normal time to familiarize with a“unique” bike like the V4.
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