V4 Testride V4s Impressions / Hp4 Comparison

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  1. You'd be much better not worrying too much about sag and just getting the right springs in there if you are not ~80-85kg.
  2. Is that net weight? I'm about 85kg but my new leathers and vest weigh a frikkin ton!
  3. Full leathers with boots, gloves and helmet should weigh around 8-10kilos.
    To judge the correct spring rate you should consider your brutto weight including everything, as this is the weight the spring has to deal with.

    The OEM 95N/mm spring is a 96,84kilo equivalent, so I'd say you and me are just fine with 83-85kilo net weight.

    Also check your tire pressure. For solo rides it says 2.1 bar / 30psi on the rear.
    Mine was delivered with 2.7 bar on the rear so the tire-dampening was non existing. WIth 2.1 bar it is much better. Nevermind the mileage on the Supercorsas anyway...
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  4. That's just your weight. If you're 85kg then normal springs should be fine as mentioned above, also bare in mind they are set for people being heroic on the brakes and throttle so if you are not going as hard then you can often get away with lighter springs without problem. Agreed on the tyre pressure as well; On the road I run 30-32 rear and about 33-34 on the front both hot. If you're commuting you might want a bit more on the back but otherwise I think this works best for Supercorsas as they are quite track orientated.
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  5. I beg to differ, as my tire pressure numbers are for cold tires on street riding. At least that's what the manual says.
  6. I was agreeing with you @Stephan / GER. The manual is not correct for everyone, it's written with the average less experienced rider in mind. If you rode the bike very hard on the road or went to the track you would need to let some air out of the rear to stop it over heating.
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  7. Bear in mind use. A road bike will use a lighter spring traditionally. I have posted a link before to get the custom spring weight you need but think it’s too soon for them to list a v4.
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  8. Done that. ;-)
    Now after fiddling in the dynamic suspension settings in all 3 riding modes after 900km I am honestly surprised how good the suspension works. I actually prefer the dynamic suspension over the fixed one, as together with the correct tire pressure it works so darn good.

    Plus the bike is hypersensitive when altering the rear ride height via preload of the shock even by 2mm. After some intensive tests I just put it back where it was OEM and all is fine. :bucktooth:
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