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  1. I generally find in bad weather the car works best :upyeah:
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  2. Why do that when you can travel in style AND comfort?!?
  3. Not seen the Aerostitch Roadcrafter?
  4. Yes but you can’t get one to try on. It was what the mcn guy had, just can’t find any!
  5. Dont do it ! My Klim Badlands has failed fairy drastically and I am having the devils own job getting it sorted under warranty. It is now getting sorted but has been frustrating to say the least. The high end niche market that was once Klim forte has slipped
  6. Very glad of this advice. Perhaps Rukka or Halvarssons worth a look then.
  7. Nearly new Rukka ArmaS suit on eBay for under a grand-up north here, tho'
  8. Halvarrrrssssonnnnsss? blimey! I know a rich capitalist-ducati-owning-running-dog-lackey, but I'm not that rich... ;)
  9. I have been using Dianese D explore jacket and trousers almost daily for the last 3 years. I have ridden in all weather's in it and happy with it. Warm and wind proof in winter and cool in the summer with the thermal lining remover. After a year about a year riding with it I noticed on a 2 hour ride in heavy rain the crotch and insides of the elbows had let water in. I washed the jacket and trousers with Nikwax and not had the problem again.
  10. Had top spec Halverson suit but flaf with separate waterproof liners made me sell them and go for a Klim Badlands suit. No probs with them over the years I've owned them. Ride all year and haven't leaked. Really like the vents. My mates top spec Rukka doesn't have half the vents mine does.
    Would buy another set.
  11. Had an email from infinity today £200 off rukka:)
  12. I have just bought a Dainese Tempest DDry textile jacket, in black and red. Good so far, but yet to test it in heavy rain. It was about £260.
  13. Been using Held goretex gear. Went from Held to Dianese then back to Held. Its a better fit for me than Dianese gear and my last set lasted about 5 or 6 years before it started leaking. My only complaint is the neck fastening is a little tight when new.
  14. Question ------- Gloves inside or outside sleeves, which is the better ?
  15. That's about what I paid for my Carve Master. It was in a sale at Crescent Verwood. Otherwise I'd probably have bought a D-Dry jacket. The D-Dry stuff is pretty good. It's Dainese's in-house version of the Goretex branded waterproof lining. Essentially works the same way but you're not paying extra for the Goretex label.
    To be fair, although my Dainese's wet cuffs and the clammy feel of non-laminates is annoying, if you can keep 90% dry for 90% of the time (which is pretty much what I'm getting from the Carve Master), that's isn't bad from an armoured textile jacket that costs less than £300, given how much more expensive Rukka gear is. The key will be how long it lasts.

    With the gloves on the outside with the Carve Master I definitely get sodden wrists. Haven't tried them on the inside yet because my present gloves are too bulky.
  16. Gloves under the sleeves is better
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  17. The thing with Goretex stuff @Gimlet is, it should come with a lifetime guarantee.
    How that works in the real world though I don't know, probably have a get out clause somewhere.
  18. I wear Rukka Armaxis and it works very well. I commute 80km daylie and i live Bergen, one of the citys in the world that has the most rainy days :). If i only took the bike when it was dry, i wouldnt get much riding in :D
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  19. the Gortex is only the lining so I guess it depends how long the rest of the garment lasts. Have to say the quality of Dainese gear seems pretty good. If the outer completely loses it water-repellence or the zips fall apart that might be a different matter but touch wood, it all looks good so far.

    One thing not mentioned, the lined clothing is generally much cooler in summer than laminate. When I bought my Dainese I was wearing it all the time for a while and I hadn't appreciated how much cooler (and lighter) it was until I put the leathers back on one day.
  20. My Sidi Adventure boots leaked after 4 years. Gore tex lined. Took back to shop I bought them from. They sent them to importer. Week later got new Sidi Adventure boots, as my old ones had failed. So in my experience the 'life time warranty' worked.
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