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That Was Too Close!!!!

Discussion in 'Panigale 899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V2 / V4' started by Mountain Fun, Aug 5, 2019.

  1. So, I've never had to use or test the ABS, DTC etc on my Panigale until today...there I am nearly home and I go from a 40mph to a 60mph onto a dual carriageway. I was luckily only travelling at 60 when I saw a tractor with a very long trailer coming toward me on the opposite side of the carriageway...next thing I know he's crossing in front of to get to the field, no indication straight across the dual carriageway blocking it completely with nowhere for me to go, he had clearly not seen me. I had to do an emergency stop and the Panigale handled it superbly, I could feel the tyres gripping and then releasing and I managed to stop before imbedding myself in the side of the tractor trailer :worried:o_O:poop::poop:

    All can say is...thank you to my panigale...she seriously saved my bacon today :heart::heart:

    As for the tractor driver who was completely oblivious to what he had caused...I'm paying them a visit tomorrow :bomb::punch::punch:

    Be careful out there people:upyeah:
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  2. Glad you came away unscathed mate, friends ex husband had this happen to him, injuries were life changing.
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  3. Have you paid them a visit?

    ps. Glad you're still here to tell the tale!!
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  4. How I wish I’d had abs to stop my back wheel from locking, coming round on me and flicking me off.
    I was seriously lucky and was able to hobble away from it but my shoulder is now held together with a polyester strop.
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  5. An old colleague of mine said he used to practice emergency stops each time he entered his village, from 60 to about 20. It's something I may start doing now I remember.
    Hope your shoulder gets better quick OR :upyeah:
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  6. Depending on the road conditions & time of day, farmers should be using a siren flashing yellow light. I'd talk to the farmer about the incident & explain how his insurance would of skyrocketed if a collision had occured. Going in f'ing & bitching will do nothing to pull him or his wife on yourside.

    Ride safe
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  7. I was waiting alone on my 999 at some temporary lights when an enormous 4 wheel drive tractor came past at full chat, straight through the red light.
    If the light had gone green, I would have pulled straight into his path...
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  8. I have been in contact with the health and safety manager as the field is part of a huge estate. I as pointed out above.. informed him they had no flashing yellow lights, didn’t indicate and why the hell are the pulling across a dual carriageway in the first place . If it had of been wet though god knows what would have happened, I would prob have dumped had to dump the bike. Only one thought is need to check tyres for flat spots, I could feel the tyres gripping and then releasing so hopefully won’t need new one.
    Anyway, I’m still here and if it’s possible ‘ I love ‘my Ducati even more now.

    Thanks for the comments
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  9. Be even more careful around temporary lights as they are 'advisory' as I understand it, so seeing it is clear and going for it isn't an actual offence if nothing else happens :bucktooth:
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  10. I was probably doing 70 when I hit the brakes and did manage to scrub off a fair bit of speed before getting launched.
    I don’t think it helped that I was trying to steer left, back to my side of the road, at the same time as applying maximum braking pressure.
  11. So if the light had gone green and I was flattened as I pulled into his path, he wouldn’t have been culpable :eek:
  12. I think he would have been in that instance, but as there was no other incident the fact he ran a red light wasn't an offence - beware them trac'ors......
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  13. Good luck with that defence. Wait till the police are about and give it a try.
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  14. Yep , it’s harvesting time and the farmers have no interest in anything other than their crop. It’s a very dangerous time of year. They do take ridiculous chances on the road, plus they are dragging crap all over the road.
    I bet your ass was puckered up tighter than a snare drum o_O pleased your able to type the tale.
    Ride safe folks.
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  15. Depending on the road conditions & time of day, farmers should all be forced to stand against a wall while I massage their skulls with a ball peen hammer.
  16. Around here in Suffolk it’s crazy season for the Farmers and it’s sadly a time of the year where quite a few MB riders will be involved in accidents with farm machinery .. Riders tip into a corner not realising that just around the corner a Combine or bailer is tuning out of a field, there’s nowhere to go..

    99 out of 100 of the Farmers, ( not the farm workers) are selfish pompous people who care for no one but for their own kind..

    Then come Winter time it’s sugar beet season which brings thick sludge and mud which gets thrown everywhere on the highways, add to this the frustrated road users stuck behind big tractors and trailers etc on the roads which can, leave to risky overtakes etc..

    Also, the vast majority of the farm workers here are our Cousins from Eastern Europe, while very hard workers some of them do not seem to grasp the driving laws too well and are frankly dangerous..

    Just think when out having fun what potentially could be around that luvly fast corner, be ready for it please.. x
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  17. In NZ you must not enter an intersection unless the way is clear, so yes, here you would have been at fault but so would he have been for running a red light.
  18. He was behind me and would have flattened me from behind
    There was no intersection, the lights were there for road works.
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  19. God knows how I survived 3 years of commuting 40 miles each way on country roads on a R1 with no ABS, TC, whatsoever. Loved each corner, but the danger was so present every day.

    Nowadays I can say my multi already saved me in one situation with its cornering ABS, braking really hard in a roundabout to avoid a "I-cannot-wait-other-second" distinct driver.

    Good that we are all here telling our stories. Not good for those who can't.
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  20. Bit of an unfair statement to say ‘99 out of 100 farmers are selfish pompous people’ The countryside is where farmers make a living and have to harvest when the crop is ready and work with the increasingly difficult weather patterns , often for long hours in difficult conditions. I’m not excusing poor driving or rudeness at all, but people need to bear in mind Farm machinery, especially with trailers can have less than perfect visibility and are cumbersome and slow to manoeuvre and accelerate. If you ride in the countryside it goes without saying you should expect to encounter this and ride appropriately and not use it as a race track. Accident statistics speak for themselves, the majority of accidents in the countryside especially bike accidents are down to excessive speed, combine this with farm traffic and it doesn’t add up well. I’m very glad to hear the OP is ok. At the end of the day like them or loathe them we all need farmers, and some of them ride bikes too!!:):motorcycleduc:
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