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The Actual Rules-riding Our Bikes?

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Symon Moore, May 6, 2020.

  1. Because I don’t have a car could be the reason haven’t had one for over ten years
  2. There are some very badly ridden road cyclists around here (I'm an MTB'er) and one very nearly took me out the other day; swept out of a junction at speed, banked over, straight across my path without stopping or looking. Thankfully I was looking but wouldn't that have been ironic, me just running-in my new bike, having a major off with a kamikazee cyclist.

    Just to explain; I ride over to give my mother's carer a good break every 3 days or so, a nice 50 mile round trip. I consider this a proper reason to be on the bike and would normally take it on a nice day so providing you ride sensibly, I don't see the problem.
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  3. Spoke to my eldest daughter (WPC) about going out on the bike. No different to going out in the car for essential travel or shops, so long as you dont take the piss.
    I had to do a run to Barmouth in wales to deliver insulin and meds to my youngest daughter (type 1 diabetic) with other auto immune deficiencies. She is self isolating there due to being vulnerable and high risk as my wife is a senior staff nurse and caring for Covid patients.
    I got pulled by the old bill in wales and asked where I was going and reason for the journey, Had to show him the Meds and all was fine and allowed to carry on and to watch my speed lol
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  4. I’ve used my bike on the last four fridays to do essential work
    First near miss was a cyclist deciding to change lanes metres in front of me, causing me to stop dead.
    Second was a van simply jumping a red light as I approached a green light at the same junction.
    Third was a Deliveroo driver pulling away from the kerb on my side of the road as I came round the corner on a green light, he’d didn’t stop, I had to, he just waved!
    Today I put my lights on, nothing happened today, just joyful riding in the glorious sunshine, oh and the work bit!
  5. Was you stopped due to your speed, or to check why you were out and about?
  6. Should you have to make a claim at the moment , would the insurance company try and get out of it if it could be proven it wasn’t an “essential “ journey ?
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  7. I was stopped to see why I was out and about, and passing comment about my speed, said I was on the limit of discrepancy for a ticket, would have probably been given a ticket for speeding and a fine for breaking lockdown rules and turned around if it wasn't for the prescription meds in my bag.
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  8. Asked my daughter about insurance and yes your still fully insured. Essential travel or not.
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  9. I've been using my 1199 to commute to work. Last Saturday and this Friday I have had to go in and lock the factory up as I have some electricians in wiring a new production line. Last Saturday I pulled up at a roundabout just near home here in sunny Norfolk, right next to a jam sandwich parked on the verge watching for who ever was being naughty. I ignored them and the ignored me, even though I was in full leathers.

    I did spend the next 10 minutes on the bypass looking in my mirrors but no sign of them. Obviously the good old Norfolk Police couldn't be bothered to give me a check, or found something more interesting to do. I was carrying my essential worker (I'm site engineer for a food factory) letter from my MD though just in case...
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  10. I'm of the opinion that if you need to use your bike for essential travel as a means to get to work for example, then fine. My belief is that if you are just out for a "jolly" then no, simply on the basis that IF you had an accident, then the NHS probably have enough on their plate right now, without them having to divert themselves away from treating Covid-19 patients, to patch you up and use precious resources in doing so.
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  11. Please let the idiots out before it's summer time
  12. The weather says, get ur bike out....
  13. Might be worth paying the fine just to jolly it out £30 innate, I expect to pay more when I'm out in more normal times.
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  14. Take a pack lunch, that half the fine near paid, assuming you get stopped. I'd probably get another 60 quid fine for not having the correct size plate
  15. If I have to go out I will use my bike if possible. If not then it will be the car. The bike is the only thing that helps with my mental stability and well being , if that results in a fine then I am happy to pay. I will use my common sense and refuse to hide in a hole with my tin hat on.
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  16. Just steer clear of known honey pots ;)
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  17. Meghan Markle?
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  18. Soz Loz I live in a cave who's Meghan Markle?
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  19. Barmouth is a destination for bikers from the West Midlands we used to see plenty fueling up when we got our fuel for trials riding. Not surprised you got stopped heading in that direction.
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