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the 'Anyone going to Boxhill today?' thread

Discussion in 'Rideouts & Events' started by Chris, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. I went there yesterday first time for a few years and it was packed. My nearside mirror came loose just before reigate. No 6mm Allen key in the standard tool kit. Luckily there was an AA man there fixing someones car so he tightened it back up for me.
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  2. Good grief..

    (9th July)

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  3. That’s some fuel tank if it held 16,000 litres of diesel… :thinkingface:
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  4. 16,000 litres isn’t a fuel tank that’s the trailer leaking.

    The driver or operator is in real trouble for that negligent discharge.
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  5. IMG_0062.jpeg IMG_0065.jpeg
    for N/Ducatiscud
    IMG_0064.jpeg IMG_0063.jpeg

    had a chat to them, they were about my age! Had done around 50 miles today, one's chain and sprocket were worse than my multistrada currently. you can even work out which one despite the poor focusing!
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  6. i ought to like it having owned certain Lancias but jury is out for me.
  7. Lovely sound of 3 two-strokes going down the road.
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  8. I’ve owned a GG EC300, I believe the Blue one is the Pampera 250 which has a low seat height for a Green Laner.
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  9. All 3 were happy on 250 they said and if i were to get one then so would i be i believe.
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