1200 The Best Value Multi?

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  1. 2010-2012 1200 Multistrada came in Base, S, T and PP. Base had std Sachs suspension front and rear; S&T came with non active electronic Ohlins front and rear and PP came with std Ohlins front and rear.
    The Skyhook (Sachs) didn’t appear until 2013 on the twin spark S. PP still had std Ohlins.
    Haven’t gone any further into your link but the above info us what we had in the UK. After 2012 Ohlins offered an aftermarket Suspension control unit that enabled the electronic Ohlins units to be reactive, a major upgrade for the S and still for some, better than the later Sachs Skyhook.
    I’ll hang my anorak back up on the hook now. Andy
  2. Maybe worth saying the S ohlins was electronic, just not active, so you could change preload etc via the dash
  3. Have fun :upyeah:
  4. Well almost Andy,mk1 pp came with electronic Ohlins and the mk2 pp came with skyhook,it's only the Dvt pp that come with manual Ohlins,every days a school day :upyeah:
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  5. Not sure about best value Multi, as per the title, but having owned the 2012 single spark, the 2014 twin spark and the 2016 DVT, I would hand on heart say the DVT is the best of them. I absolutely loved my twin spark 2014 model, and as some have mentioned, it's definitely a more raw motorcycle to ride. Having done some fair distance on all of them, the DVT in my opinion, is in another league when it comes to the longer distances, it's just more refined, and for me personally is comfier than the TS model. But as the OP asked for the best value, I would say a 13-15 twin spark, as they can be had for relatively low money now.
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  6. With new model out, should be some good deals on 2nd hand DVT's just we aware of the oil issue on some early ones, like mine was before they rebuilt engine. Bradders also right about pre DVT as long as you not a short ass like me, although if I recall, you ain't that tall :p
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  7. Yes you are right, memory not quite what it should be late at night. The link still had a lot of incorrect info though which was what I was trying to get across. Andy
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  8. The difference the DVT engine makes is pretty clear to me. I definitely prefer my Ducati's raw and less refined - and I'd be wanting to spend less than £10K - so a DVT is out for me. What about the 10-12 model and the 13-15 twin spark - how do they differ on the road?
  9. The move away fom Ohlins suspension was the deal breaker for me but the twin spark engine was marginally smoother a lower revs. Like the DVT that followed it, the twin spark didn’t do anything better than what I was already riding which is why I still ride my late (2012) Mk1 and spent my money on track days in Spain. Andy
  10. Ok - so not much in it between single and twin-spark models?
  11. Ok - so not much in it between single and twin-spark models?
  12. Only imo @Dave, but at sub 10k, I'd be on a TS with skyhook.
  13. Lots complained about low end fuelling on single spark. Although a custom map sorts it out with a pipe. Seemed the early ones had a few head issues. Having bought 2 'new' models at interaction, I'd go for the last of that version no on. Hence a late pre DVT or if going earlier than a very late '12 S and add the SCU to the ohlins as I know those who have them rave a lot about how well it works
  14. Don’t be put off a well looked after and sorted early model, I still love my 2010 S Sport with Ohlins ECU upgrade, I have had it remapped by CJS, and it is a rip snorter of a bike, plenty of aggression and urgency, and superb handling. And has never let me down. The later twin spark was a little smoother than the earlier model in standard form but not a major game changer in my opinion

    So your budget would get you an early well looked after model, or the later twin spark...
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  15. I have a 2010 ABS MTS with a Decat/ MIvv Suono and it goes like a bat out of hell! I have ridden a few fast bikes and done plenty of track days, the last was a Ducati day on a 959, but this is seriously fast when you twist your wrist. I think it's also that it is so damn comfortable it lulls you into a false sense of security. Mine had 1 previous owner, who was fanatical and it came with luggage. I see them around for 7k for low mileage...less for one with a few more miles on. If you like your bikes with an edge, get a ride on one of these and see what you think.
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  16. Well I like my Ducatis raw, but also a bit special - I tend to go for the limited editions and treat them as keepers.

    I've found a very tidy two-owner 2012 Pikes Peak with Termi full system. It has just done over 15,000 miles and had the big valve service done. I could get it and add panniers and an Ohlins ECU upgrade for £10k. Tempting.

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  17. Go for it. You know it makes sense. :)
  18. Have to agree, I have the touring S version on a 2010 plate. I've added a full termignoni system with a rexxer ECU and an ohlins SCU. It's raw addictive performance coupled with easy handling and comfort make it a very difficult bike to trade in.
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