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The Big Knock Diesel Motorcycle Rally

Discussion in 'Rideouts & Events' started by Sharky698, May 19, 2015.

  1. A pleasant low-key gathering in a lovely rural Sussex location, perfect weather, nice pub, superb ride down, interesting unusual unpretentious bikes to look at. What's not to like?
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  2. it's nearly that time again, and rumour has it, there's a chance that H.C. might attend, and I don't mean high compression..

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  3. So what date is this year's?
  4. struggling to post official link/details
  5. Sorry for the delay in replying, Chris.

    I popped over on the 698 the other day to touch base. Lovely conversation which Clive (Monster) a very knowledgeable mechanic who runs a motorcycle repair garage from a building literally right behind the rally field. That’s handy!

    Yes, it’s fast approaching. 29th May - 1st June at Care Ashore, Springbok Estate, Satchel Ct Road, Dunsfold Road, Alfold, Cranleigh, GU6 8EX.

    We’ve got a variety of machines coming over from the continent so I hear. Acomodation is available at the main house if you don’t fancy the £10 camping. Facilities & a bar on site but probably best to bring your own food for the BBQ.
    We’ll be on runouts Friday & Saturday morning so best visit on the PM.
    I must say, the place is looking very nice now the sun has come out.



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  6. Thanks for that Chris! What an array of machines; some are so well finished they could have come of a production line, all are amazing feats of personal engineering. I must say the big, bad, black, Mad Max machine (17.10) is a beast!

    A couple of rowdies on petrol bikes too - '78 Bonnie? And a way cool dog!
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  7. I hope you manage to come one year Jez, and apologies for not tipping you off via P.M. I think it will be at the same location next year, and you can book a room there at £60 per night for a double bedroom. You are so right about that piece of art, (at 17.10) it's also the best for me and told the owner/builder that after buying him a pint of Guiness.
    Stuart/ @Sharky698 can fill in far more details about this incredible machine and it's builder - can tell you he's from France for starters.
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  8. That’s Abel’s bike. A great piece of engineering. It might possibly be off the road next year due to changing regulations in the EU. I hope not!
    That’s me running the converted BMW K75 round the field. First time showing my own project recently completed & MOT’d. It now sports a Daihatsu Charade 1L car engine. Just for the hell of it :)
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  9. I believe it to be a 1.6L Diesel - but I’d have to check back on previous reports to confirm. A bit busy as still bikes on site & runouts to arrange.
  10. IMG_9128.jpeg
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  11. I really must get there someday. Sorting my latest Mini & outfitting my kayak have got in the way this year.

  12. Love the idea of pushing hyper mileage bikes to their limits. The newly refurbished pub and camping option make it even more appealing. I'll definitely try to make it next time!
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