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The Diavel 1260 S Wins The Good Design Award

Discussion in 'Front Page Articles' started by El Toro, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. The Diavel 1260 S wins the Good Design Award
    • Another prestigious prize for the unique Diavel 1260 design
    • A true style icon, the Diavel 1260 continues its winning streak in international design competitions
    • Powerful and beefy, this motorcycle combines maxi-naked performance with muscle cruiser ergonomics
    Borgo Panigale (Bologna, Italy), 10 January 2020 – Design and sheer personality have always been an essential part of every Ducati motorcycle and winning international awards proves just how dedicated the company is to these aspects.

    An undisputed style icon, the Diavel 1260 S - after winning the prestigious European design prize, the Red Dot Award - has now gone on to enjoy success in the United States where the Bologna-built muscle cruiser has clinched the Good Design Award.

    Assigned by the Chicago Athenaeum, Museum of Architecture and Design, and by the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies, the Good Design Award is one of the most sought-after prizes, one that has been acknowledging and certifying global excellence in design since 1950.

    Powerful and beefy, the Diavel 1260 combines maxi-naked performance with muscle cruiser ergonomics. The second-generation of this incredibly special bike remains faithful to the spirit of the original, drawing on its key styling elements yet bringing them decidedly up to date. Its meticulous design seamlessly incorporates the bike's beating heart, the 159 hp Testastretta DVT 1262 engine. For 2020 the unconventional, unmistakeable Diavel 1260 will be sporting two new colour schemes, namely Dark Stealth (a total black look, available for the standard version) and an all-new Ducati Red with white trims and red seat tail (on the S version) to emphasise the sport performance and power-cruiser spirit of this original bike in inimitable Ducati style.
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  2. Why are you trading yours then?
  3. Cos I’m missing having a sports bike :)

    And, despite trying to convince myself otherwise, the ride is similar to the Scrambler 1100.
  4. Good. Thought you should never have traded your last Panigale
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  5. The Good Design Award, sort of sounds a bit 'meh'

    "Yeah ok Mr Italian it's good, not great, not amazing, just 'good' "

    Wonder what won the fantastic design award? Multi?
  6. The Mutley should win the best bike ever award....:innocent::heart::heart::motorcycleduc::motorcycleduc::motorcycleduc::motorcycleduc::heart::heart:

    OK, she's not the prettiest and she's had her issues. .....
    When you get to my age and more importantly body condition, I cannot think of another bike I'd like to ride all day.
    Think the comfort of Adele, rather than body and racing snake looks of Kate Moss or Posh.

    The vertically challenged and skeletal may find her difficult at low speed, as she's a bit top heavy... which is how I like em.
  7. I take it you've not seen the latest pics of Adele from her Xmas holiday

  8. Amazing tan.
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  9. Really?
  10. Allegedly
  11. Was dear old Stevie Wonder on the judging panel then?
  12. No..........Batman was though ;)
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  13. I’m sure there’s Wotsits exchanged when they hand out these awards you know... x
  14. It was in the furniture category :)
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  15. Ahh.. got ya drift, blend in furniture from Mi5 or perhaps instead it’s from IKEA, lots of bits left over and no one, knows where they go...
    Or perhaps from Airfix! Eg,You know what it should look like as you’ve the picture on the box, but somehow, yours just never looks the same! X
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