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The Eagle's Nest

Discussion in 'Touring' started by charlie749, Jul 28, 2019.

  1. As per title I'm off to the Eagle's Nest in a few weeks. Looking to camp near Colmar France first night, then next day to the Nest.
    Any suggestions re route want avoid motorways and such things taking in a few Passes along the way.
    Any help would be much appreciated
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  2. @Torquepen has just done this, and camped - he might P.M. you, bound to be more on here.
  3. Was that the meeting place for the Nazi party ?
  4. Madolph’s retreat in the foothills of the alps I believe.
  5. Cheers Paul, i get the attraction now.:D
  6. ..are you planning on gathering edelweiss?
  7. We came down from Northern Bavaria & camped at https://www.allweglehen.de/de/
    before doing the Eagles Nest trip.
    Was distracted by the receptionist as she was dressed as Heidi & was taken for 30€ in the morning! You ride halfway up, park up & get the bus the rest of the way. 16.60€. About an hour & a half stay up top will probably do you. They stamp yr ticket on arrival for your return bus time down.
    Did the Großglockner & Stelvio passes after that before visiting the classic hill climb (mentioned in another thread) at Gaschney. Nice, vintage Ducati’s there :upyeah::)
    The buses were the right colour ;)

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  8. This is the Owl's Nest LLandovery

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  9. 20A22881-9458-47F9-853F-441A52FB706B.jpeg
    Looking down from the Eagles Nest.
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  10. Was that a particular meet? I'm trying to work out what they all are as they're all based on the same model except the 3rd from the left.
  11. Katanas :bucktooth: (all of them)
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  12. I was going to guess Suzuki but didn't want to make a katana of meself:D
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