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V4 The Latest V4r, Will It Hold Its Money?

Discussion in 'Panigale' started by ResB1299, Nov 18, 2023.

  1. Does anyone think the latest iteration of the V4R will hold its money? I’m not sure it will in the short term but have even less idea in the long run.

    I’ve got an opportunity to get a 2023, 1,300 mile second hand one with the wheel barrow full system on but it means PX’g the Anniversario which of course is a great bike but 1 of 500.

  2. A 290 mile Anniversario is currently on eBay at Sheffield for an asking price of a smidge under £33,000 (so potentially overpriced) which should give you an indication of the current depreciation. Not sure the Panigale V4R is sufficiently “special” to warrant calling it an investment bike and once ridden, it will have a limited resale market. Perhaps I shouldn’t be but I’m a trifle surprised at the number of V4R’s Ducati are managing to sell, certainly more than 500 worldwide. Andy
  3. dont think any other than superleggera v4s are that special now due to the amount built
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  4. Buying a bike purely as an investment doesn’t interest me. I bought my bike to enjoy riding it. It’s like have a beautiful woman as your partner but choosing not to be intimate with her to keep her fresh………. For the next guy. Pointless! Ride it and enjoy it.
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  5. IMG_5340.jpeg
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  6. I haven’t seen *any* of the Panigale Rs holding value, from 1199R, Gen2, 1299, except possibly the Superleggera.
  7. Buy an R if you want to track it or an S for the road. Bikes really aren't a sound investment so you need to enjoy them for what they are. End of.
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  8. If anyone has a beautiful women as a partner, and is worried about being intimate and ruining her, I’d be happy to keep her running as she should. But I do draw the line at tattoos though.
  9. AS above but tats are OK -though not mandatory.
  10. my pani r coming up to 9k miles, trackdays, road days. general abuse. i love it.
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  11. Personally I think buying ANY V4 Panigale based bike to hold value is a real risk, they have got into this ridiculous habit of just making special after special, I get that the ‘R’ is still the R but there’s a lot of different ‘specials’ flooding the market.

    personally I think the anniversary v2 is the one to keep
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  12. Panigale R is the one to have
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  13. Last v2 proper R
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  14. I just buy the bikes I want and what it's worth when I come to sell it is what it is. If you want it ,buy it
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  15. Nah, will it bollocks hold it’s dough.

    If you like it, buy it, love it… life’s too short.
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  16. The only thing I will add is that having had a v4s, the V4r is a lot of fun in comparison. The way the engine picks up and revs is like nothing else.
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  17. The R’s no faster than the S though.
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  18. Plus, it may well be sorted now-But, I witnessed more than one R leaking oil from a failed o-ring behind the clutch basket when they first came out (V4R). Never understood why it was just the R and didn’t seem to affect the S. I’m presuming a higher rpm on the R had something to do with it. At the time I was still running my 1098R and was very interested in the V4. Seeing pools of oil under a couple of R’s had me going for the S with the £10k ‘saved’ going on upgrades. Man maths see…. :imp:

    * I had an STM dry clutch retrofited on my S.
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  19. Bingo !
    Nail hit firmly on the head .

    I see some of the silly prices that are paid for rare Ferraris ......
    .... did they have stunning performance , back in their day ? ..... no , not particularly .
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  20. Yep agree with all of the above. the volumes now being produced means that it's only the UBER exclusive SL's that are really the investment keepers. The modern R's are made in too great a number and are not different enough I think to even really warrant the difference on list, let alone long term value vs a standard bike. It's all marketing bollocks and I should know...
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