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Featured The Long Road To Recovery

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Sam1199, Feb 6, 2020.

  1. Wow, that all rings true! Looking back, it was an absolutely awful time, the diagnosis to teatment thing seemed to happen so quickly tho, thankfully, but now we have memories of other stuff that happened and use the boys age as a reminder of how long it has been since the drama. 7 years now.
    I am happy for you that you have gotten through it positively as we know what a shit time it is!
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  2. Small thing Sam, while I remember, and obviously research this yourself. When we were sitting in the oncology ward having the chemo, which was about 30min in the middle of approx 90min of infusion [saline, dositaxl, saline] we were advised by a former chemo patient to suck on ice cubes and soak your fingertips in ice. The reason for this was to stop your fingertips from getting too sore and stop your nails from falling out, also to stop you from getting ulcers inside your mouth. Well we did do this and although Jo's fingertips got very sore, her nails stayed in and she had very little in the way of mouth ulcers. Of course I cannot state that this would have been different had we not done it but we did research it and it seemed to bear up. The medical teams will not tell you this and did not even want to discuss it. Although to be fair, they do not want to discuss alternative treatments either such as vitamin C infusions. And there was a range of advi
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  3. Sam and Mrs Sam..

    Life can be delightful and unfortunately at times also be cruel... Far too often it challenges those with whom it never should, the good people, those who think of others before their own, those with a zest ..
    The way you’ve held yourself thus far is amazing and, though I know you not I can tell your strength and resolve will help both of you through this challenge ..

    I believe most serious health issues are but exams sent from someone oh so mighty to test us, to see what strength we carry within, how much we want that prize, life..

    The two of you have the strength to overcome this together.. it’s a time for those special people around you to give you help when required along with the space for you and your Wife to get through this together, and you will..

    The hearts of the Forum are with you both, as one..

    NOODS x x
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  4. Cooo. How nice is that?

    Thanks Noods you’re a good man.
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  5. I really feel for you and your family. You must be strong and support your wife as much as you can. Stay positive.
    I was diagnosed with an aggressive tumour 26 years ago, agter an eight hour operation my life changed for ever. after eleven years it was back. I had radiotherapy every day (other than when the machine brike down) for eight weeks. I've been cancer free since then but I get checked three times a year every year.
    My wife was so supportive and I owe my life to her. For me the mental issues were the worst.

    So stay positive for your wife, there are dark days ahead but you'll probably laugh about things in the future. Thankfully cancer is no longer a death sentence.
    I like the idea of having a target like a great holiday pencilled in for the future.

    I wish you all the very best stay strong.
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  6. This thread is another example why this is an incredible forum, a wonderful group of people.
    All the best Sam and Mrs Sam. X
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  7. Indeed it is.

    Many thanks to all.
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  8. Very sorry to hear this news Sami. Keep us in touch, you are not on your own.
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  9. Wishing you both all the very best mate, stay positive
  10. Sam, wishing you both the best. I am sure that there are better days ahead!
  11. Sam I don’t know you or mrs Sam but I wish you both all the best and felt compelled I should write something
    I love reading all you write ups on the tours you have done and feel through reading these we at the forum know you quite well A friend at work wife is going through it for a second time all we can do is be there to support and listen when he wants to talk
    Sounds like you have a lot a good friends on here that will give you and your wife the support you both need
    You will both beat this
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  12. Absolutely agree!

    The other stuff in certain other sections is just noise!
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  13. Thinking of you both

    I have met Sam and he is a sweetheart Mrs Sam is in good hands :)
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