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Featured The Mother Of All Bin Shots?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by RC1, Oct 15, 2020 at 2:33 PM.

  1. This goes out to all those that have been instrumental in the monumental success of "project stand of doom" ie @brettski, @Carr01 and @GunZenBomZ

    i chanced across it on ebay earlier this week and it is now in my car having been picked up by @Carr01 in phase 1, brought down to bucks by @GunZenBomZ in phase 2 with @brettski having helped me out with a loan stand in phase 0

    epic effort gang i owe you all




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  2. i trust this meets with the approval of the bin shot judging panel a la @Expat Jack and @Ducbird?
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  3. I took it the fourty miles from my home around some lovely scenic lanes to OYB. To make sure the bland 130mile journey down from MCR didn't bore it. Did Ian make you use the password?!?!
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  4. Post reported for trying too hard. :cool:
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  5. ian was very brief- he wanted it gone and basically thrust it into my neck and waved me on. apparently it would not have been well received by the management
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  6. On Yer Bike bin if Im not mistaken
  7. Glad to have been a help, but you’re quite clearly bonkers!
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  8. Careful Ducbird will go into meltdown!
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