The One Bloody Time I Did Not Turn The Helmet Camera On....

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  1. Terrible news, sorry to hear about another senseless preventable accident caused by a dozy twat in a car.

    Hope you get well soon.
  2. I run a Drift Stealth on the right side of my C3Pro. Run a lead from the open back(3D printed one) to battery tank that sits in my top right jacket pocket. As soon as I plug the lead into the external battery the camera starts recording. I now worry if i go out with a different helmet on that's when something will happen that i should have got on camera!
  3. Sods law. Hope for quick recovery.
  4. Sorry to hear of your misfortune and the injuries, although painful and hindering types... It could have been a whole lot worse! You being OK is the most important thing and the bike can be repaired/replaced.

    Hope you have a speedy recovery :upyeah:
  5. Good to read you survived the crash:upyeah: Wish you a painless, speedy recovery.
    Hope the insurance will sort out your loss...cannot see why they wouldn't if the driver admitted fault.
  6. If the twat in the car does try denial, at least you will know which house to avoid in the future probably 6 months to year in future....:p
  7. Man that really sucks!! Where I live is very rural and it's always surprising when bikers, cyclists, or pedestrians get hit in open areas where visibility is not the issue. It's definitely car drivers not actively looking before turning. Class I took last Spring encouraged a quick flash of the high beam especially when approaching an intersection where you'd think people would be more engaged...but they're not.
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
    @Topolino Best wishes to your wife too. We are not allowed to filter in Minnesota and I'm not sure I would want to anyway. Riding is such a gamble to begin with, filtering takes it to another level in my mind. She's a tough cookie!
  8. Shit luck :( get well soon, here’s to a speedy recovery
  9. Sad thing is no matter how much advance rider training you do, you can never react how they train you. Nothing really you could have done. Do not beat yourself up over this. Just get back on when you can. Good luck for the future & just hope it was a one off.
  10. Scary one for you! Get well, and back on a bike soon!
  11. Nasty but you survived. Good luck with the recovery and insurance and enjoy your time off researching your next new bike:)
  12. Sorry to hear about that and hopefully the gash in your leg will self heal. GWS.

    As a related aside
    I'm not sure I agree with this Faith. It could be interpreted as an "I've seen you it's OK for you to turn' signal, thus inviting them to turn across your path.
  13. It is my understanding that in some countries, the flashed headlight is traditionally *not* permission for someone to come across your path but is instead a warning that you are yourself taking the right-of-way.

    At one stage, the UK was trying to discourage people from "flashing" to cede the passage, because of the potential for misunderstandings with foreign drivers.

    It all seems forgotten, now.
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  14. yep exactly that in France. The flash means..."look out I'm coming through"
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  15. Bad luck and hope you make a good recovery. Maybe look at LED headlights and extra spots so that even the blind drivers may see you.
  16. Sorry to hear this but glad you’ll mend. Ain’t it weird losing consciousness? I came off last year, low speed corner spill, have no recollection of it at all. I woke up to a paramedic asking me if I knew who the PM was. Helmet had an 8” gash in it so whatever happened, I hit my head hard.
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  17. Guys just wanted to say thank you so much for the thoughts and best wishes. Unexpected and touching if I’m honest. Especially as I’m not an active member!

    Leg is getting better. Still not much news from a liability point of view.

    Insurance was going to get their repairer to pick the bike up. 4th dimension I think they were called. After speaking to one more f the guys there, he started talking about doing everything in their power to fix the bike to get it back to me. He mentioned that they will even reshape the wheels if needed. I was a little sceptical as I would prefer someone making that judgment who does not have a huge interest in the matter. Especially as I’m the one who has to trust his life on the fixed bike again. So I asked for Ducati Aylesbury to be the ones who check the bike and the insurance company agreed.

    Some good ideas there regarding always on cam and also the checking with cctv cameras nearby. Also good read from cream revenge and wholly appropriate as my wife was suppose to be in Cyprus this weekend doing a run but had to cancel due to me not being able to drive etc so will bring all that up with solicitors.

    With regards to next bike, I’m sticking to the monster 1200r. It’s my perfect bike and I absolutely loved fed her. Assuming no major changes since 2016?

    Thanks again to everyone. It’s much appreciated
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  18. Ouch !
    Not great - but hopefully it should be blatantly obvious who was at fault.
    It's never good when you have to deal with insurance, salvage, repairs etc - but it helps if they are on your side.
  19. Update - spoke to white dalton as recommended. Very worried about their 25% fee so not sure I’m going to go in that direction.