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Featured The Perfect Ducbird Pic

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Symon Moore, Jul 10, 2021.

  1. Red Ducati (mine) & pink bins at Caffeine & Machine today...oh & a couple of nice old Porsche’s :)

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  2. Perfect
    Loving this :heart::heart:
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  3. Went there a few weeks ago. Nice ride out for us. Expensive burger tho!
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  4. They clearly don't want any riff raff rocking up.;)
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  5. It’s not especially cheap & the weekend parking fee bugs some, but after the year hospitality has had, I’m happy to support cool places like this. Always have a good time when I’m there & there’s always some amazing wheels and rides too.
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  6. Thats you and me out XH, MaccieD’s it is.:(
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  7. Just for you Ducbird

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  8. Sod that it's a Burger King 4 me.;)
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  9. Coz I hated it :p

    Fat finger plus iPhone equals knobhead :upyeah:
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  10. I went there a couple of weeks ago. Only wanted a brew but they insisted I order via the QR wotsit thing, so I went to the nearby airfield instead.
  11. Fat fingers :D
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  12. It’s really not that hard to use. You’re going to find the next few years a bit of a challenge if you have to go somewhere else when a cafe won’t take your cash!
  13. Their loss :(
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  14. I do to an extent agree, and I'm not a techno dinosaur. I'm also sure the £20 I spent at the airfield will not make a jot of difference to this place. I just have no time for saftness for the sake of it. Glad I did make the effort to visit though.
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  15. Aren’t the readers for just taking the order, the money being taken as card or cash later?

    Apols as I’m a luddite who’s been scraping by since the late 90’s with technology.
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  16. It started as a Covid thing. Not being able to go up to the bar to order etc, but no, the way it works is easy enough, you just have to use a card to pay.
    Once you’re registered with the company (which is all done from the phone link) the menu appears on screen, you order, pay via card on the app & it gets brought to your table, quite soon actually. Food is good quality but yeah a burger & chips is about a tenner or so. Next time you go, all the info is saved on your phone.
    I know people in hospitality & this last year has been devastating. Businesses like this have had to jump through hoops trying to stay afloat & then to get people back into an environment they feel comfortable in. Personally I’m very happy to support them and hope others will too even if you can’t use the grubby change in your pocket to buy a Coke!
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  17. I think it’s a great idea being waited on and not having to leave your table for some other person to pinch
    Bring on the apps I say
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  18. I'm certainly not going out to eat, and then messing about with a menu on a smartphone. In restaurants, I want restaurant service not Deliveroo in a different place.

    Chatting and questioning the waiter/ waitress is all part of the experience that I want & enjoy.
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  19. You can do that when they bring the food to you :D
    I would rather talk to my dinner date :)
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