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Featured The Princess Of Darkness ....

Discussion in 'Streetfighter' started by Redrick, Jul 31, 2021.

  1. Picked her up at lunchtime and been out and about familiarising myself or should that be re calibrating myself

    The 1260 Pikes Peak was not a slow bike but F**King Hell .......

    SF Edit .jpg
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  2. I also came off the back of a 1260 PP. love the SFV4. Just with the new multi V4 was 200+ bhp
  3. Looks great Rick. Just need to black out those silver bits. ;)
  4. Well The Black satin paint is bothering me greatly as it is a PITA to look after so as a solution I am having it fully done with Matte finish paint protection film ( professionally by the people that actually make the kits you buy) so whilst it is there I will be talking to them about having the Rad shrouds wrapped in carbon film and possibly a couple of other bits ( maybe the wings) I have carbon heel guards on my wish list, ive spent enough money on goodies for it for now, and maybe over the winter I will look to get the exhaust cover ceramic coated in black
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  5. £6 can of heat proof spray paint

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