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The Thruxton Thread

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by 749er, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. @Carr01 the only fear i've is those bloody potholes.:rolleyes:
  2. Too slow!
  3. Me too, let’s not fear the all seeing one.
  4. :eyes:
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  5. Quoting Hill Street Blues...let's be safe out there folks.:upyeah:
  6. I love Thruxtons me.
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  7. Don’t forget to subscribe if you sell on here :)
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  8. Love these
  9. Love the drop bars. Any more pics?
  10. upload_2020-3-17_22-12-55.jpeg
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  11. Looks so much better with the fat wheels, how did you do it. Are they offset to avoid chain rub?
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  12. No offset. I have seen guys go up to a 6” rim & 180 tyre but then had to shim out the sprockets.
    Its fine with the 5.5 rim & 170 tyre; about 7mm clearance for the chain.
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  13. How are the Conti’s in comparison to the standard tyre. Mine needs a new pair
  14. Here's my blank canvas, what's your recommendations ? I've got a Ramair kit new in a box, plus a RSD tan seat. 2013 SE

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  15. They are a big improvement over the standard tyres if that's what you are running, the front on the Thruxton wasn't even a radial, it was a bias-ply. On the setup I had though it was stock suspension and that limits feel quite a bit, I think suspension improvements are needed to get the most from changing tyres but there was a more confidence inspiring feeling for sure
  16. I originally had a 150 on the OEM rear rim; it fits just fine. Pirelli Sport Demon:upyeah:

    As these picks from when the standard wheels were fitted.


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  17. I liked the look of these D&D exhausts buy was put off by the reduction in ground clearance and not getting as much power out of them as the longer BC Preds.

    maybe the change to modern tyres would improve ground clearance though?
  18. I heard good things about using scrambler spec shocks as they were a little longer and just give you a bit more clearance. I never got around too it though
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  19. 6D82B581-9DB3-4327-92C5-05631950AC79.jpeg My 1200 r, just been out for a short ride this morning. Cold but nice to have ”started” the season.
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