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The Thruxton Thread

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by 749er, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. Here’s mine got it tail end of last year not been ridden yet. Had the front mud guard painted white and just had it ceramic coated on Thursday. Now I just have to hope I get home from Kuwait this year.

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  2. I still love the new thrust on, adding one to the garage for sure at some point
  3. I like the new Speed Twin
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  4. Took the beastie out today; so cool :cool:

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  5. Don’t laugh at my children strips; this bike is for looking the part only :motorcycleduc::poop:
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  7. Here is my 06' carbie' Thruxton...... BC silencers, airbox delete kit, rejetted carbs, aftermarket blinkers, custom taillight, progressive suspension front springs, progressive rear shocks, custom seat, barend mirrors, custom paint, NOS Triumph tank cover, and probably a few other things that I forgot about...... Triumph at Virginia Point.jpg Triumph in Ironton.jpg Triumph Thruxton.jpg Triumph.jpg
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  8. This was mine, owned it for 3 years from new and sold it last August ... loved it and one bike I regret selling, really was one of the best bikes I’ve ever owned.

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  9. Here’s mine, bought it in February, 2 years old and done 1000miles.
    I’ve put new exhausts on, removed the cat, LED indicators, lowered the clip ons, and tail tidy fitted.
    Look forward to when I can get out on it!! 73919B27-CD74-41F1-801B-FBC9C2D88BAC.jpeg
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  10. Pretty trumpet,,,!
  11. Thanks Dave
  12. My old one (that my mate owns) is for sale if anyone is interested? I’m a subscriber so planning to put up an add at some point but it’s done 5700 miles, and as you can see has some decent mods, full arrow system and mapped, it has black bar end mirrors, and Avon Conti attack tyres.

    I’ve not put a price as this isn’t the for sale thread but I will when I list it, in the meantime pm me if you want more info.

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  13. Just an update for the Thruxton Fans amongst you, I bought one today! pick it up in a few weeks. I sold my Daytona 675R a few weeks back and was wondering whether to get a Thruxton R to give me a really nice alternative to the Panigale V2.

    The bikes on a 68 Plate, has done 2950 miles and 1 owner, with the dual comfort seat. It's not mint, I'll be looking for a replacement left hand silencer as it has some gravel rash but it's still tidy and I got some money off to compensate, so quite happy.

    The real-Boss approved the purchase...



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  14. Lovely, congratulations.
  15. Thinking of adding a Thruxton R to the stable, the looks have really grown on me but yet to have a test ride!

    Would any owners like to add what it is that they really like about it??

  16. It's been a few years since I rode, one, 3 actually, I guess the fact I bought one without a test ride probably tells you how much I enjoyed it. I've also had access to a Thruxton 900 for years and loved it and rode it to scotland etc, so this makes total sense as I hated that the old one only had 5 gears, needed more power and suspension that didn't wallow around at higher speed and could control the weight better.

    I remember summarising the 1200r after my test ride as a bike that I could ride as fast in the corners and on my local rides as I do on a sportsbike, because the tyres, suspension and brakes are all similar components to on my sportsbike. Even the extra weight wasn't really felt unless I wanted to make a sudden big change of direction.

    My other thought at the time, when they were £11k was that it was too much to spend on a second bike, and didn't feel like I could have it as my only bike because the engine while massively smooth and grunty isn't really 'exciting'.

    As a second bike, in my case used it makes complete sense, I have something that is more relaxed with a smoother engine and easier to hop on and cruise around on, but still has the sort of quality suspension and brakes that I'm used to.
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  17. My thoughts after test ride were that I didn't realise circa 95hp could be so much fun. It's a really engaging ride and I'm not doing licence losing speeds
    Agree with above post that you've still got quality components on a something that isn’t sportsbike cost. Other things I like are it's looks, although that rear mudguard had to go! Sounds great with the cat removed and new exhausts
    It's also fairly easy to work on and make modifications.
    Some people haven't got on with them 'cos of the riding position but I'm absolutely fine with it, and I’ve fitted lower clip-ons. Ok I don't want to ride it to the south of france but happily do a days riding with no aches or pains EDDD72F1-5311-4F12-A8EF-87C6C38ED4F0.jpeg
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  18. Worth noting actually that the clip ons make quite a bit of difference from what I can see. the standard bike has the bars about 1.5" up from the top yoke, and brings them back to behind the centre line of the yoke, the clip ons seem almost level with the yoke, maybe 0.5" up from the yoke but closer to the centre line of the yoke (i.e further away from the rider as well). I think this would make quite a big difference in reality but without trying it I can't confirm. I would say though, sitting very upright isn't always comfortable like people assume, I get terrible lower back pain when all my weight is on my bum so I'd be tempted to try the lower ones if it rolled my pelvis forward a touch.
  20. Saw this in the new Jack Lilly shop near Brooklands. Nice.

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