There Isn't A Day I Don't Miss It..

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  1. I've managed to upload finally a video of my old SS after her long layup and rebuild back in 2011.

    Still not a day goes by that I don't miss this bike, and truth be told I don't think anything out there is capable of delivering so much fun per hp as one of these.
    enjoy :)

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  2. Cracking bike :upyeah: :heart_eyes:
  3. It's lovely is that... why not get another? Looks like you'd added a few nice bits there too? Can you say a bit more about the spec's Sev?
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  4. To be honest i'd rather wait till i've got the money and go to the bloke that bought it, and if he still had it, just ask him to name his price, after all it had at the point of having to sell it 20 years of me invested in it, I'd really hoped I'd grow old with the thing.

    Like private pile's gun, there are many like it, but that one is mine...

    The bike was bog stock 900ss

    after coming off it in 99 I bought it back from the insurance company as a cat D and set to work on it.

    Taking it to baines we settled on just a good real world fast road tune up, nothing too extreme or ludicrous, as the costs of going above this would be a case of diminished returns vs the gain. Geoff and John didn't like the idea of overbores etc so we settled on hi-compression cosworth at the time.

    I upgraded to a superlight floating caliper conversion from Baines Racing
    Earls hoses and oil lines
    Ohlins Rear shock
    Cast iron floating rotors
    Monster 1200 brake and clutch radial masters - the OEM ones clear the clocks as they project out at an angle from the bars not at 90 degrees.
    Marchesini Magnesium 5 spokes running Pirelli Angel GT's which were ace.
    Swingarm had bobbin mounts welded to it.
    Titanium engine mounting bolts

    Stock 900ss with superlight (genuine) seat unit
    carbon front mudguard and rear hugger
    carbon rearsets made by me, and with Spondon engineering pegs
    open clutch cover

    Baines Tuned
    Hi comp pistons
    lightened flywheel
    ported and flowed heads
    Keihin 41mm flatslides - rolling road setup by steve jordan motorcycles - bookham
    1098 oil cooler
    VeeTwo aluminium clutch hub and basket and standard pressure plate
    Racing crank breather
    K&N filter and open airbox
    Termignoni full spaghetti system

    Dyna 3ohm mini coils with magnecor leads
    Ballistics evo 8cell lithium ion battery
    Elliot electronic Tacho

    If I still had it now I'd probably look to do the following:
    motogadget m-unit blue body controller
    Ingitech ignition controller
    LED bulbs and headlamp bulb as that will work better with the reflector than an HID kit.
    maybe a fork re-valve and rebuild by K-tech to keep the looks of the original bike.
    Engine perhaps higher compression Arias pistons as the cosworth ones were pretty mild.

    If I couldn't save the wheels from rotting, I'd probably look at a set of triumph 675r wheels as they're about the lightest production bike wheel at the moment without going mental monies.

    The more I owned the bike the less I wanted to 'visibly' change, as I felt that unless it was in keeping with it's era and age it just wouldn't look right.

    Also after seeing a Baines Imola, I always liked the idea that it looked totally stock to people who didn't know, and those that did, would just keep looking at it because they knew something was different but couldn't quite put their finger on what.

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  5. Very Fruity,,,
  6. That's a lot to put into a bike, a lot of development over a long time. I fully agree that the SS gets under your skin. I absolutely love the wheels, stupidly passed up on a set for £500 about 3 years ago... silly man.

    Did you stay in touch with the new owner then?
  7. Its a bit old stylee for me but, i can totally appreciate the work, and workmanship thats gone into it. If something is old but, is looked after and has a spattering of high quality "and a reason for being on there" parts then that makes them almost a little timeless as it id like to put a ttx ohlins rear (or something of that level) on to my hyper....and, for example (if i manage to get back to the US in a couple of years) a set of NIX30 forks for my old RSV4....

    While my first statement is my opinion....due to the sheer quality of workmanship and attention to details thats probably the best example ive ever seen.
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  8. Oh yeah - motogadget stuff is lovely kit....(my 525 supermoto is infesting with their stuff) the only complaint (if you ever get to that point) is all of their wiring they tend to use is flimsy as fuck....
  9. he's a Ducati specialist in that Wales place, nice fella, and I kept his card. One day i'll be in a position to call him and pop the question so to speak.
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  10. Thread needs more pics @Sev :D
  11. Sev
    I like these bikes and i have been watching this one as its just 10 mins from me, but but but i already have two Ducati's.
    Any good for you
    ducati 900ss
  12. Sev, I remember when you were selling this and I nearly bought it at the time. I missed out in the end as I didn't make a quick enough decision. The spec of my own now is not a million miles away from what you had. However it's cost me more than you were asking for your bike. I have enjoyed the journey and learnt so much I don't regret not buying yours....much. I did wonder at the time why you wanted to sell it as you obviously had invested so much and it is a really nice bike. I hope you get it back! I really want some similar wheels now.
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  13. Truth was that at the time Mrs Sev had been out of work for a couple of years. Money was tight, and something had to give.
    Selling that bike on my birthday and seeing it loaded onto a van was never my intent.
    She was heartbroken that I sold it as she knew how much it meant to me, she held herself responsible in some way, which wasn't the case.

    The weekend the bike went she asked me if I'd seen sev. Sadly she got diagnosed with Lewy Bodies Dementia and Parkinson's only a couple of months later. The disease has been quite aggressive and very rapid so she's at the stage where she's now deteriorated quite a lot and I've had to start accepting that she probably might not see out this coming year.

    I've got a project GSXR1100 in the garage that I saved from being scrapped, to keep my hands busy in between being her carer and holding down a full time job, and of course the 999 cat d frame from the nuneaton shartbag and water damaged 749 engine in pieces, which the kindness of everyone on here has allowed me to collect a good amount of the parts needed to build a bike from it, and in the same way I intend to turn both these bikes into something greater than their parts when the time comes. The Suzuki is easy by comparison, spit polish and tidying up.
    The Ducati I just want done right - that will be a very special build, mentally and emotionally, as truth is that I won't have the means or the time for that till I no longer have a greater purpose and commitment to take care of.

    Thanks Roadtrip, but I'd rather just try and get my old one back. It's the bike I broke my pelvis on, it's the bike that I spent hours tickling, fettling, jiggering on till everything was just so, and it's the bike that the last time life took a nose dive I left to sleep for eight years. That bike was like a barometer for my life at the time. When I was good, it was good.

    Until then, it's just a case of putting one foot in front of the other and keep walking and do what needs to be done. :)
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  14. I can understand why you want it back, can only imagine what you are going through. Bikes certainly help us bikers more than folks understand. Here's hoping that you can purchase it back, for a reasonable price
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  15. know how you feel wish I didn't sell a couple of bikes in the past but cannot keep all of them but the most important one I have had since I was 17 really couldn't part with it now
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  16. So sorry to hear about your missus - feel for you...
  17. Sorry to hear about Mrs Sev, all the best.
  18. I miss my SS too :(
  19. any pictures?
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  20. That's lovely, really hope you get her back one day
    Best wishes to Mrs sev