They’ve Arrived

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  1. I’m like a kid a Christmas. They finally arrived. Looking forward to seeing what they’re like! Anyone using them on their road bike?





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  2. I was looking at the new HP4 race with carbon wheels today. Wow, they really are the best looking thing out there that turn in a circle :heart::upyeah:
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  3. oooo Shiney
  4. Nice.. Are they going on the Tard?
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  5. I’ll be totally honest. I may just hang them in my front room. A thing of beauty
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  6. Yes Andy. Fitting them next week
  7. Nice, post up a few pics when they are on. I’m tempted to go for a pair of Marchesini's same as what I put on my 899
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  8. That’s what I’m replacing. Hit a pot hole and damaged them quite severely


  9. If I could get some for my mutli-enduro kirks1989, I'd bite their hands off & get them.
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  10. Ah I remember that, beginning of the season.
    These are the marchesini's i put on the 899

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  11. Now that looksthe mutts nuts!! Love the paint scheme
  12. Now that looksthe mutts nuts!! Love the paint scheme
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  13. Was/is a lovely bike. Parted with it to make room for a 939sp.
  14. Thoughts on the Hyper in comparison with the Pani?
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  15. Me, on the Desmo and 1098R. I noticed the difference straight away and was tipping into corners far too early. Giles from HPS told me when I bought them thet I'd notice them more when going back to standard wheels from using the BSTs, than when I fitted them.

  16. Worlds apart. Get from A to B quicker on the tard, Turns very easy, visibility is superb. Not as nice as the Pani at high speed due to no wind protection.
    I've only ever ridden sports bikes so I'm still trying to gel with the hypermotard. I like it, glad It tried something different.
    Booked in for some flat tracking at Pete Boasts at the end of the month so I'm hoping to come away with a bit to think about
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  17. Got BSTs on my 998. They do look good.
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  18. Just seen this on your FB page
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  19. I’m just far to giddy
  20. Ooooo what a lovely thread :)