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They Both Got Here Safe

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by farmster, May 23, 2019.

  1. 6 laps on the mountain lsle of man tonight
    Well 3 runs over & 3 back, on the old girl she’s going well
    & treated myself to a number plate for my birthday



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  2. Beautiful
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  3. How did the footpegs work out?
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  4. Love the number plate:upyeah:
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  5. Oooo how nice :)
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  6. Il get there one day :weary_face:
  7. Great that’s had these made
    A engineering shop by me aircraft spec alloy


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  8. Best bit of advice I ever had was from a Manx bike cop as we stood looking at black tyre marks going off the edge of the mountain road into oblivion “that set of lines was Thursday, he’s got 2 broken legs, the other set of lines well unfortunately he died, funny thing is a few yards before this corner is a sign showing a sharp bend, every accident I’ve ever been to had the same, keep your eyes on the signs”, he was right, doing so back in the UK saved me from a serious accident on a blind bend that had a lane joining it at the apex, saw the sign, slowed right down and a farmers van came flying out of the lane, he didn’t even look to see if anything was coming!, anyway enjoy the Man, there’s nowhere like it!.
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  9. I need an 888 in my life.
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  10. Me too
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  11. Mark my 28 TT
    Sort of know way around but always learning probably been here 40 times :upyeah:
    As always the minority spoil it for the rest:confounded:
  12. Yes, and it doesn’t matter what time you get up now for a clear lap, there’s always several Dunlop wannabes already out there!
  13. Be there next Sunday... First time not being on an Italian bike (on the zed)
  14. Your 888 looks mint! Have a great time.
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  15. Mmmm, nice 888.
    Arrive next friday evening for my 25th TT, got to make do with the 916SPS again. Maybe one day I will have an 888 too.
    I hear the mountain was closed for an incident on the verandah 7 minutes after the one way opened....!
  16. Yes a S1000rr at the Veranda!
    7 mins exactly!!!
  17. I was quite shocked/surprised/amazed/worried/confused how many folk just get up onto that road and gas it straight away whether they know the lines or not.
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  18. For the record I do not pretend to know any of the lines.

    But I also wouldn’t go at a speed beyond my abilities/life expectancy.
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  19. I was going around the Verandah at about 80 a couple of years ago, which isn’t fast for that stretch when a German undertook me like I was standing still, he was two up, on the pegs and weaving/wallowing, I watched thinking “he’s off, he’s off, he’s off!”, but they got away with it somehow, there’s some prize pillocks out there
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