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1200 Thinking About Getting One

Discussion in 'Monster' started by shakeys dad, Apr 11, 2020.

  1. So I've got 2 bikes I can't ride due to the recent restrictions,and I'm not sure why but I'm thinking of getting another, how do people rate the 1200 monster
  2. 1200R... bloody epic!

    Best real roads bike I’ve ridden in 35+ years.
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  3. I've got a 1200 R and love it. Had it 3 years with no problems, done a 2500 mile trip to Spain no bother, 11500 miles on it now.
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  4. 98AE80EC-C259-47D6-8A60-F1550410832A.jpeg

    Yep me too.....bought a 1200R as a ‘second bike’. On an open road, going for an overtake, or on a track, it gives you a big grin factor for sure.... !!
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  5. I haven’t ridden 1 however my mate had a 1200s subsequently he bought a Tuono he regrets selling the 1200S to buy a Panigale.
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  6. I bought a M1200s to go with the other four in the garage and it's brilliant. Wanted a monster for a long time but they were all a bit small, (built for the vertically incompetent). Get one you wont regret it.
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  7. There are terrific bikes, mines an M1200, very precise handling, you can feel the road surface through the bars, loads of torque, no complaints:) 5D0685E7-EC5D-4F85-A4B3-48F762CC0757.jpeg
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  8. Looks nice that, I see your from Derby, I do a lot of work around Derby. I'm in burton
  9. Ah right, we’ll have to have a meet up, in around 3 months time!
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  10. As soon as this shit show is over, I'll be in the market for one
  11. Love mine, just need to finish repolishing the pipes
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  12. IMG_0969.JPG As the others have said ,stunning bike ,epic engine ,brakes and suspension,you will love it ! Forgot to say also comfortable and the noise it makes !!
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  13. perfection

  14. As above .... Love my 1200S too, good time to be looking and look out for one with all the extras - Termi’s etc.

    I’m in Sutton Coldfield, often riding along the A515 - A444
  15. Bet you’re Streetly really......
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  16. Did you hand polish or use the Harpic nuclear option? Just thinking of doing my Scalpel exhausts today.
  17. Hand polished using wet and dry then aerosol and peek.
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  18. Have a 1200S, great bike more than fast enough for public roads.....
  19. 1200R great bike i was missing my V2 tuono this is better
  20. I have an S - very pleased with it and it is both stunningly fast and shockingly practical.

    It does 48-55mpg whatever i do, I find it 300 mile comfortable. The pillion position suits adults and my wife finds the pillion seat very comfortable (apparently people who ride with their toes on the footrest find the exhaust and pillion rests too close? Doesn't affect me).

    We were planning some long trips this year - but that (and a lot of other things) has been kyboshed.

    12000 miles so far and hasn't missed a crazy Monster-beat.
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