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This New Triumph Speed Triple?

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by El Toro, Jan 12, 2021.

  1. I’ve been interested in this Speed triple update for ages as I want to add a Supernaked to my collection.

    Last year I tested V4 1100 Tuono, KTM 1290 GT and the 1050 Speed Triple RS, out of those three, I would rank them Tuono 1st, Speedy 2nd and KTM third, I was genuinely surprised at how good the Speedy was and the RS 1050 had the Arrow pipes on so it sounded awesome, every bit as good as the Tuono I think.
    It had a beautiful smooth engine with loads of drive everywhere and a good Rev range.

    I’m just hanging on for a while to see if they update the Tuono this year before I make a decision.

    A few things I don’t like about the new 1200 Speedy just looking at these spy shots ( and don’t forget we could be being a tad harsh on an unfinished prototype here ) are as follows-

    The headlights - Not the shape of them, the position, why the f do bike manufacturers now drop the headlights down to the bottom triple clamps??
    Looks totally stupid and gives the rider no protection from the wind blast?
    Also, why not have just a small nose fairing above the headlights to protect the back of the clocks to stop all the bugs getting squished in there and being a pita to clean?

    The rear suspension linkage - I’ve read somewhere that Triumph have dropped the rising rate linkage and bolted the shock directly to the swingarm...big mistake!!
    I’ve had two KTM’s like this and they never feel as good as a rising rate link system, put it like this, on the new 1290 SDR gen 3, KTM have gone the other way and dropped the direct mount shock and fitted a rising rate link system,..why?..because even they have to admit it’s better

    The Clocks/ Dash - Please,..please,..please Triumph do not put that abortion of a dash on it that you have fitted to the new Street and 900 Tiger...you know, the “Butterfly wing” one with the pretty blue and pink pastel shades, where the Rev counter numbers spin round like a slot machine!!

    I’ll try and find a pic of it to post, whatever arty-farty art school graduate that designed that should be booted out the door immediately, along with whoever approved it for production!
    Your eyes are used to scanning the clocks in a horizontal / vertical manner and now you have a pretty pastel diagonal display with a spinning number Rev counter like a gas meter...utter crap, it’s change just for the sake of change, it’s far worse than the dash it replaces.
    This one thing would be enough to put me off buying the new 1200 Speedy no matter how good a bike it is
    I just couldn’t get over it, seeing as you have to look at the dash constantly.

    Rant over,..I’ll go and find a pic to post....

    Got it!

    I mean just look at the state of this! Four displays to choose from,..all of them totally naff!

    On a bike you need to be able to just have a glimpse at the dash and pick up the relevant information you need quickly and easily,....I’d have to pull over and stop the bike to study this bugger!

    Or is it just me??

    The Wife recons I’m turning into a cross between Victor Meldrew and Jim Royale,..but “I DON’T BLOODY BELEEEEVIE IT” :D:D:upyeah:

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  2. the new Dash graphics on the Triumphs are really poor, I also hate them.. The original TFT one where you could have a big half moon rev counter or a smaller full circle one were much better.
    It will have an option for a small fly screen behind the TFT which will tidy things up.

    Any guesses on price? I am going to go with £16500, which is a good £2500 up on the current one, but it's happening everywhere. They will then bring out a R model which will be £14k I think and the Street Triple RS I think will get price rises to nearer £11k soon
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  3. Side view from the same MCN article.

    Not understanding the headlight binnacle at all. Andy
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  4. Looks like Gaz.

    I agree with the statement above by ET. It does look V4esk. I like it.
  5. I like it, plenty of room for a pasenger.

    i like the dash, gives plenty of info. I never did like the speed shown so large, always makes me feel that when im passing cars they can see what speed im doing :D Hopefully you can get amazon prime on it:upyeah:watch a film on the way to work
  6. the observations regarding the rear shock being 'direct linkage' appear to be correct looking at that, which is rubbish! the KTM was really compromised by the lack of anti squat and associated pitch it caused. Also no electronic suspension.

    It's definitely geared at solo riders which means they want pillion type rides to be done on the Tiger 900 GT I guess, as they don't have another bike in there range for it, unless they plan to build a sport tourer which I am not sure will sell
  7. Looks very compact or the rider is the size of a space hopper! Still I’m guessing it will be a belter :D

    I’m in the market for a super naked very soon so this just adds another possibility.... Choice of 3 now or 4 if you count the new S1000R..... Nice:grinning:
  8. I love that new bike. Might get one instead of a V2.
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  9. I like the look of it except for the light and dash location. It's too bloody low.
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  10. That’s to stop it smacking you in the face all the time with wheelies. :cool:
  11. It looks tiny
  12. Valid point
  13. Just need MV to make the dragster a 1200 now instead of the 800.
  14. not sure there’s a ‘just’ for MV at the mo, it’s a sh*t show still, barely any dealers, huge rises, releasing specials like they are going out of fashion. Not to mention the 100+ pages of customers on the mv forum many of which are having dropped valves and lunched motors
  15. The 900 is too powerful to release an A2 compliant version, hence the lower output 850 which can be detuned % wise
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  16. If only they had listened to Bert Hopwood in the first place, at least they have now completed the range as he laid out in his seminal 'Whatever happened to the British motorcycle industry' book. Seen how much they go for secondhand now!
  17. Hope those forks are adjustable, that knacker’s flattened them just by sitting on it.

    Glad they seem to have dropped those silly pods on the side of the radiator though, looks much better than the current Speed
  18. Seems a lot for a Triumph/ maybe time to indulge in an old one, pity my mates 8 valve Weslake headed engine in his TriBsa has gone
  19. Not sure why the photograph has had the background removed but if you look at the rider’s right hand, he is hard on the front brake. Andy
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