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Featured This Will Be Different

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Irish, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. 1st MV I've ever owned. MV  1.jpg MV 4.jpg MV 6.jpg MV2.jpg
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  2. Definately (money no object) the most badass naked out there.
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  3. It does look mental
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  4. Welcome to the other side :)
  5. Can’t wait for a ride review

    took my little Dragster RR for its 6th service and MOT yesterday , it’s done 14000 trouble free miles apart from sprag under warranty
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  6. Soz, that is just ugly.
  7. It looks very busy, but I like it
  8. You might think that but no need to post it. That's like telling a mate that his Mrs is a minger.
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  9. ok a blind man would be pleased to see it. i thought i was being subtle, but that is fvcking ugly.
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  10. You are usually a master of subtlety but you must have lost your touch this morning.
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  11. It’s an interesting design, however I need to know what’s in the large box. Hope you enjoy riding it.
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  12. It's full of Ugly sticks to beat that bike with............
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  13. Let it go bud it’ll it away at your very core :)
  14. You can only ever tell your mates their girl is a bush pig prior to marriage!
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  15. i'm over it already...... soz Irish
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  16. MVs are very much, it's all in the detail, as well as the appearance from afar. Especially the case with their naked bikes. Take a walk around and a good look and it'll start to be more appealing.

    Definately need to buy them as keepers from my experience. The residuals are terrible. Hope the OP has fewer problems than I did with my Turismo.
  17. I like it and it does look unique. But then it should at the cost of them.

    is this the one you bought on a whim after seeing it at the bike show?
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  18. ‘‘Tis a thing of beauty, just loving the exhaust pipes, I love it when a bike looks so good you just have to stand and stare, that would be in my living room permanently and I would have to somehow buy another to ride on!!

    Many congrats and enjoy !
  19. Stunning in its own way. Just needs a little smoked screen on the front for me.
  20. Fantastic lookin bike IMO, the back end is just badass

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