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This Winters Project...99% finished.

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by DrDuke, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. 300 Quid !!! Fark that's a fair bit, doesn't seem to fit right at the front, I'd be on the phone askin' what's the go? I'd expect perfection for that price.
  2. A mate of mine bought a Corbin seat for his BMW a few years back.... that didnt fit either leaving a 1cm gap between the seat and the fuel tank...... since then I have never entertained the idea of getting a Corbin, you have just re-confirmed my mistrust in their fit quality Eoin thanks :upyeah:
  3. very nice mate i hope mine looks that good when i finish it
  4. I Know Dave...I have been onto them, but to be honest the customer service is crap...three months delivery time..this is the second seat, as i had to send the first one back due to the fact they sent me a all black seat, welts wrong colour, no italian flag.
    Never again.
  5. I'm sure it will..your doing a great job so far...watching with interest.
  6. Never again George, never again, mine also has a gap as NZdave pointed out but I managed to sort that today, but very bad show for Corbin....sargent maybe...any reports on them....
  7. I'm dumbfounded by that. I thought Corbin was a premier product - the price suggests so.
  8. Figaro...the quality of the seat is first class...it just took a lot of time to get it to fit correctly.....the problem with after sales service is Corbin in Europe deal mostly
    via dealers, and the one I was dealing with were lazy and unhelpful to say the least...once they got paid.
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