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916 Thoughts?

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by Leesey, Mar 4, 2020.

  1. Oh, by you :joy: did you read the replies :thinkingface:
  2. Different one that was a 1994 Strada this is a 1998 sps
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  3. Different bike:thinkingface:.....it's a no brainer at that price.
  4. Ah, they all look the same :joy::motorcycleduc:
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  5. Yes, it has been pointed out :yum
  6. Have you mislaid your glass monocle.;)
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  7. different bike dude... (it needed pointing out again)
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  8. Agree, SPS for £10k! some 916 BPs getting near that price
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  9. Why are the opening words the same in the advert - same seller :thinkingface: or did you not notice :bucktooth:
  10. Check the words in the ad - do I always have to look after yooze lot :worried:
  11. all your adds start with the same words.. "single well off old geezer seeks blah blah"
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  12. I don't need to advertise :innocent: and hardly well off, all spent on :motorcycleduc::motorcycleduc::motorcycleduc::motorcycleduc::motorcycleduc::motorcycleduc:
  13. Let me just pop into the archives and get back to you,ASP
  14. Thought you had already scurried off to do so :joy:
  15. Yeh the start of the ads seem the same. Just a bit confused why it seems so much cheaper than all other 916sps.
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  16. So one seller - 2 platforms - 2 different bikes - same worded opener - tread carefully. At least you can view both together......maybe :thinkingface:
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  17. Smokes coming out off the ears now.:mad:;)
  18. Ah, there you are :blush:

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