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1260 Throttle Spacer Kit

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Pirsig, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. Sorry if this has been posted before, and despite my woes with the shoddy quality of this glass cannon of a bike, this is my experience of this kit.

    You will never pay more money for a smaller piece of plastic (and Torqx head driver, that you probably don't need with an average tool kit to unscrew the throttle assembly).

    It is amazing what it does for the bike!

    The throttle play on the 1260s isn't much, but it is there for some Ducati reason, this tiny device removes it completely.

    Got mine in a deal with a dashboard protector that made it slightly more bearable price wise, haven't fitted the screen protector yet as that looked really fiddly and I'm not certain I'm keeping the bike yet!
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  2. Agreed that the the spacer is extremely expensive for its size etc, but it works and I would highly recommend too.

    screen saver fitted to mine from day one, like most of these plastic screens they end up with fine scratches all over them. No different to a phone or iPad, might as well protect them.
  3. I've been looking for one for a 1200 DVT but can't find one. What make are the one's you've got please?
  4. Fairly sure they don’t make one for the 1200, only the 1260
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  5. Ducatispacers.com
  6. Thanks, yes, just for the 1260.
  7. I'm on my third set just to say I'm a believer: Panigale, Monster , 1260 Multi.
    However, my buddy's Multi 1200 DVT did not need it. It had little to no throttle slack.
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  8. I concur with DarR's observation on the 1200, however, mine was a non-DVT version and the throttle behaved impeccably, whereas on the 1260...………………..
    I would also advocate getting the spacer 'kit' from Nelly @ Cornerspeed, who is able to supply these and which will avoid earlier USA customs charging issues + delivery timescales, that were highlighted on this very forum.

    Have a look at the extensive throttle spacer topic thread about this very question.:)
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