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Time For A Tourer??

Discussion in 'Touring' started by carson, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. Alright guys,

    I appreciate that this is a Ducati forum and opinions might be a bit biased but most of the time I see good feedback on here no matter what the brand is, so here's the situation.

    After this years NC500 (I only managed half of it) we're looking at planning next years trip away that's almost certainly going to be Scotland or Ireland and the lads have started talking about adventure bikes or touring bikes. One of them has even bought a Triumph Tiger Explorer.

    As it stands I've always been happy enough to do any trips we've been away on a sports bike, IOM for a week on the 1299S, NC500 on the Tuono Factory and the new Gen 4 Beemer, but as we start to talk about places like the West Coast of Ireland etc, it's seems that a sportsbike on roads like that might not be much fun. The main reason for looking at another bike is the weather though. The thought of heated grips and heated seats in what is sure to be pissing rain with some decent hard luggage to keep all your gear dry is the most appealing factor.

    So with that in mind I've been looking about at what's out there. Looked at the Triumph Explorer same as my mates bought and it's a bit nah for me. Decent looking bike, but I still want to have fun and to me that doesn't look much fun to me, which incidentally ruled out the GS right away. Seems you get much more for your money with a Triumph than the Beemer. This has led me to look at the KTM Superduke GT. Not the best looking bike out there with that beak like front end, but it does look like fun and seems to tick all the boxes.
    Does anyone have one? Do they offer protection from the shitty UK weather or is it better to go for a Multi? Anything else out there with about a 10k budget I should be looking at?
  2. If i was fit and tall enough the Katoom 1190 Adventurer ticks all the boxes, my eldest boy has just acquired one, fookin flys by wire i think they just about got it right.
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  3. I`m a big fan of Moto Guzzi for touring and will buy a Norge for my next trip . The Stelvio is worth a look if you prefer the adventure style. Both way under 10k as no longer in production so second hand only.
    Guzzis are even more of an acquired taste than Ducatis though , not to everyone`s liking .
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  4. Just love Guzzis, tontis that is.
  5. Scrambler?
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  6. Tour on a Scrambler? Can`t be done mate.
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  7. I'd rather tour on a sportsbike than a scrambler
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  8. The GS is better to ride than its size looks suggest I’d recommend you try it before discounting it. I changed from a GS to the Multi, a couple of times when away I wouldn’t of minded the GS again.
    Gear4Motorcycles have a reasonably good deal on 2018 model Superduke GT, tempted myself by it.
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  9. Here’s a thread that I can identify with. I’ve always been a sports bike fan. Toured a lot on a Panigale 1199.
    So long as you’re not in traffic/cities it’s fine. I try and avoid both. If I go to Aragon with my mate Baz, I’ll go on that.

    I looked at the KTM and looking once was enough for me. That is one ugly looking bike. In fact most of the adventure style bikes are.

    I rode a BMW GS belonging to a mate of mine, it did what it should but man it was boring! It was like riding a rubber cow.

    Have you considered the Kawasaki Z1000sx? It’s got panniers, don’t know about grips etc. Could be good for the trip you describe.

    I bought a Multistrada for a tour with the Mrs. It was perfect, didn’t miss a beat. All the toys heated grips, modes, adjustable suspension, panniers etc. all great. Oh and cruise control too. The fairing did keep muck n bugs off me and the heated grips were indispensable for the first half of the trip, especially when the temperature dropped to 1°C.

    I won’t be able to do another tour until next year so I thought I’d move it on and get another one next year. I’m renovating my house, I just won’t be able to use it and I’ve got the Pani any way.

    What would I/will I choose? I’d choose the same again without any shadow of a doubt or the 1260. Definitely S version with the adjustable suspension. It made the whole touring thing easier. You’ll need pannier liners too, much easier, whatever bike you choose.

    If you’re interested Pm me.

    It’s a June 2016 Multistrada DVT 1200 S. D-Air.
    Only 7000 miles.

    With crash bars and spot lights, panniers but not the top box or tinted screen as in the picture. I’ll put them on the next bike.

    It really is like brand new and no issues what so ever.

    Oh yeah, the price, it’s not worth going below £10500 or I might as well keep it. I think that’s a pretty reasonable price. Let me know what you think.

    7217B209-D8F1-4DB2-8632-BE9781F1ECF3.jpeg DE495997-FFD7-427D-8AE8-FD88F06D6044.jpeg 7CB25B93-ECDB-483B-8FF6-2703685E3831.jpeg 95550021-8E8C-4EB6-A55A-7965DD00C84B.jpeg

    If you want to see more of the bike or read about the tour, it’s all here.
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  10. 61B17313-614C-4CED-918E-4535A0AB99A0.jpeg
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  11. What’s wrong, so blinded with love and admiration for a thing of beauty?
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  12. Yea .. that's it ..
    I can see teenagers all over the world having a poster of that on their bedroom wall ..
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  13. But each to their own. I'm glad you are happy with it :upyeah:
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  14. There’s non so blind as those that won’t see.
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  15. V4S. With a full fuck off FullSix body kit and loads of other shit.
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  16. Everyone has their own take on best bikes for touring based on comfort and aesthetics I guess. I was a dyed in the wool sports bike rider. Having done various trips to the continent on all manner of machines such as Fireblades and various Ducati’s vowing never to buy a Tourer. But a bad back age in general has dictated a more sedate pace of life hence my third GS, currently on a 13 plate LC model.
    It’s not a boring as you may think. Loads of torque and not slow by any means with all the comfort one needs for 5/6 hours in the saddle.
    Try one you may be pleasantly surprised.


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  17. 10AD6715-C142-4861-82E4-84133643828F.jpeg
    Whatever you do don’t get one of these, their utter ugliness is known to make grown men cry.
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  18. I had a similar thought to you. I wanted to do more touring with friends who had adventure/touring bikes and whilst you 'can' your on a naked/sports bike (I toured on a Speed Triple and on my 848) the comforts of a dedicated touring bike were too tempting.

    I didn't want to go full adventure [email protected] so steered away from Explorers/GSs etc as I wanted something more sports touring. Ended up with a k1300s which is fitting the bill so far. Comfortable (for me) heated grips, shat nav capable, panniers which are stylish yet look decent and loads of grunt.

    You could get a lot of bike for 10k but the proper sports touring sector is pretty slim before you get into hyperbikes or things that aren't any good for proper touring like the Honda VFR1200F (crap suspension and bad tank range) . Someone mentioned the Kawasaki, bmw k1300s or k1300r, multistrada, maybe a Kwak 1400 or similar.

    My k was £5700....food for thought

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  19. One of my mates out in Spain has just picked one of these up for 2k! It looks mint in the pictures but not seen it in the flesh yet.

    I was tempted to take the Tuono back to the UK and use that for touring but it's not as comfortable as you'd think. Speeds above 80 for prolonged periods leave you with a sore neck and to be honest it's the perfect road bike for out in Spain.

    Might have a look at the Kwacker as mentioned
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