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Timeline, My Parents And Bikes.

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Nasher, Apr 21, 2020.

  1. Great pictures:upyeah:
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  2. Great photos Thank you
  3. Great photos & memories mate
  4. @Nasher I don’t know why you thought this might not be appreciated, this post is great & exactly what we clearly all love to see. It’s bike related, it personal to & from one of our members, it’s joyful, it’s wonderful to see the old bikes & your cool mum & dad, there’s no bickering on the thread... what’s not to love? Thanks :cool:
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  5. The story of simpler time reminded me of a guy I worked with in the 90’s.
    He has a norton atlas which I think was a 600 twin. He was I to his bike racing and when there were motorcycle Grand Prix at the famous European circuits he would head off Friday from Brighton with his boy in the back and ride all the way to places like Spa, Nurburgring and Monza to watch the races.
    Bear in mind how the roads network has changed since the 1960’s it is incredible to contemplate some of the distances involved just for watching a race meeting. Hats off to the guy, sadly probably dead now. I wonder if he ever did build the Brough Superior race bike he had stashed in his loft in boxes??
  6. Dads, you can’t choose them. A064AC47-5B09-45EB-A8C8-9135059F8FB7.jpeg
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  7. Dad giving it the beans at the TT.....
    He face was a bit puffy from a previous crash .....
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  8. I love these stories and old pics
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  9. My dad is the passenger, Norton wasp outfit. He's always had bikes, and still does. He's 73 and has a KTM 790 Duke and several old British bikes. Since mum passed away two years ago bikes have kept him busy and sane. Last year he Rode to the TT for a week and had a week around Portugal on his norton commando. Love my dad

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  10. Posts like these are what makes forums great
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  11. All

    It's great to see similar images from others, thanks.

    And actually, I'm more than a little touched that this thread that went down so well when I first posted it has been resurrected and appreciated again.
    As of now, @08.30hrs on Friday 30th Oct 2020, the original post has received 61 Likes, which had they been around would have really pleased my Mother and Father.


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  12. Sorry @Roadtrip, meant to post this when you mentioned it months ago.
    It was my pride and joy when I was 18yrs old, and ended up with the Mel-Lemoto gear on it after I dropped it.


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  13. I like that :)
  14. I can't help but mention this.....3rd photo down from the start.....is that Edwina Currie? ;)
  16. A bit of a tradition to park the bike on the lawn and have a picture taken with it - not so much these days ?

    I have a few such pictures of me sat on bikes but were all because of Dad's insistence - like a tradition. Do I have to ? yes !!

    Not sure that is the done thing anymore. The various forums I have been on people generally do not seem to want to show their face in pictures.
  17. I am happy to show my face in this one when I was first introduced to bikes.....

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  18. Nice one ! funny
  19. ;) you haven’t changed much Al
  20. That's true......

    ....still a shorta*se.
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