Titanium Headers

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  1. A friend of mine has continued with his obsessive build of his 888 SP5 and recently added a few goodies to the bike. The best being the hand built titanium header pipes.
    I’m sure most would agree. They are a work of art.
    He has given me permission to post pics on Forum.
    I asked him how much the header pipes cost, his reply was ‘you don’t want to know mate’











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  2. More pics



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  3. any decent long lasting exhaust will have steel headers and a ti system, as the ti headers will break! OK if it a million pound budget WSB team not so much on our pride and joy1

    good welding though!
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  4. V nice
    Who did the welding?
  5. That looks like a very special bike.
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  6. That's what I thought. When I ordered a system for my 997.2T I was told Ti isn't great with extreme heat. I went 316 s/s with the manifold headers....

    Lovely looking system though btw :):upyeah:
  7. Not me!
  8. I’m pretty sure there’s no a big issue with ti headers breaking. It’s one of the most popular upgrades these days, saved so much weight on my bike and well worth it. The latest R1 even comes with ti headers from the factory.
  9. Manufactures been using ti for years, my old k2 gsxr got ti headers as standard.
  10. It was the single heaviest part I took off my bike, I obviously knew there would be a difference but I couldn’t quite beleave how much!
  11. It is indeed a very special bike. The list of upgrades is incredible.
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  12. Any chance of a thread on it??
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  13. Yeah, these are fantastic photos, would be great to see the whole bike.
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  14. Hi Steve

    Yes it is the bike belonging to our mate from 851/888 Forum.
    I was chatting with him the other day, he noted how he had bought a few goodies for the bike. Sent a few pics, I was go smacked by the headers, he was fine with me sharing the pics.
    I really need a set of Marvics for my SPS. I’m tempted by a set of headers just to put on a plinth in my office and stare at the welding.
  15. I admire the patience and skill that it took to build that exhaust, it is a lovely thing to behold.
  16. Fairly sure my old RRX FireBlade had them...
  17. Maybe they did 15 years ago...
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  18. I dont believe the properties of titanium have changed?

    Using it for manifolds is fine but due to the extreme heat at the manifold the ti is susceptible to oxidising and becoming brittle.. thats fine if you have a motogp budget. Using stainless at the manifold is longer lasting.
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