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Tomtom Sat Nav Problems

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by Dealy, Nov 30, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone has anyone else had problems with their Tomtom rider apparently clocks and time stops working when you update it trashes the Tomtom when researchingit , it seems to be common problem with Tomtom sat navs
  2. TomTom has always been prone to the Upgrade of Death, it seems, ever since they abandoned the "One" series and went with "Go" and "Rider".

    Think I may hold-off updating my Rider for a while.
  3. Yes deffo my time and clock stopped working so updated it now everything lost tried contacting Tomtom customer service no replies at all they don’t want to know now I’ve researched it seems to be common with all Tomtom nav not just the rider so looks like got fork out for new one definatly won’t be a Tomtom good old garmin I reckon
  4. There's a way to factory reset the TomTom but you need to research it. If I can find a link, I will.

    In my case,my TomTom 5100 was too badly lunched to reset but you may be luckier.
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  6. Thanks for that I give it a try mad. Ain’t it one of the most expensive sat navs and Tomtom customer service don’t want to know
  7. TomTom is famous for their approach to customer service. It is one of the reasons I am gradually migrating to Garmin, which I dislike, but not as much as I dislike TomTom customer service.
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  8. My Tomtom Rider still works....because I don't update it. But I've now jumped a few generations and have my waterproof (ip68?) mobile mounted using Ram X-grip (Quad Lock looks even better) and have a bigger brighter screen, phone, Spotify, voice instructions, all bluetoothed to the Scala. A cheap upgrade providing you get a suitable mobile.
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  9. Mobile phone Satnav across Europe - One issue could be data usage after Brexit. Let's hope they negotiate to keep the same roaming ability both sides of the Channel.
  10. You can download maps to your phone, so it doesn’t need to keep accessing data
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  11. I have to say that I've not had this problem since becoming a Rider 410 owner, having replaced my Garmin 660. I've been using it and regularly updating it, so far (Kiss of death), with no issues, for over 2-3 years to date.
    Maybe I've just been lucky ...:eek::(
  12. I have the TT550 and so far so good. Garmin was murder to plot routes but did have a lot more functions that were handy.
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