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Too Early !!

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Kingfixer, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. Er indoors went to a garden centre yesterday and was greeted with this, it’s only 26degrees outside !!!
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  2. :joy: Doesn't surprise me, there is a garden centre near me and they had there christmas display on the 3rd of sept(so i was told:scream:), money money money that is all they want your money.
  3. A certain individual of old age:
    Doesn’t shield!
    Flies around the globe!
    Doesn’t wear a mask!
    Visits every home in the land!

    Surely every health protection agencies in the world should be after this patient Zero?
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  4. Yep not surprised , the wife sent a pic to me of the Christmas product being unpacked at a garden centre a couple of weeks ago . I guess the Easter eggs will be out soon
  5. It is only 98 days away
  6. Had my first Mince Pie of the year today
    Morrisons Best of, Black Forest Mince pies - Yum.
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