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1260 Torque Settings

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by manxxl, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. Good morning, just changed front sprocket and can't find my notes on torque settings, sprocket and rear hub.
    Any people point me in right direction please
  2. Copied from a workshop manual. I couldn't get the image to copy but nut (3) is the one you want.

    Check that the splines of the gearbox secondary shaft and the sprocket are in perfect condition.
    Fit the front sprocket (5) on the gearbox secondary shaft, orienting it as shown. Fit lockwasher (4).
    After having applied the indicated threadlocker, tighten the nut (3) to a torque of 186 Nm ± 5%.
    Bend the washer (4) over the nut.
  3. All done now thanks for the help
  4. 186Nm as I did mine last night.
  5. Was the rear hub 35nm
  6. I started with 35Nm doing them up in a star formation, on the rear sprocket nuts then finished to 44Nm. The rear axel nut is 180Nm.

    ps: Ducati have shown an electric bike in the latest motorcycle news.
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  7. Ok cheers, it was the two bolts in the rear hub after chain adjustment.
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  8. Oh just gave them a good nip up not worried about those manxxl. As long as both sides are even/aligned I'm happy'
  9. I think the pinch bolts for the eccentric hub are quite important to get right as, if it's similar to my MV, over tightening can damage the bearing over a relatively short period of time. Expensive to fix too, would rather not risk that.
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  10. I think the two pinch bolts after chain adjustment are 35nm. Perhaps someone can confirm that as I'm not 100 per cent sure
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  11. @Groundhog, you are correct.

    Upper sliding shoe and chain guard retaining screw M5x0.8 5 LOCK 2
    Lower chain sliding shoe retaining screw M5x0.8 5 LOCK 2
    Eccentric hub screw M12x1.25 35* GREASE B - Sequence: 1-
    Swingarm shaft screw M15x1.25 72* GREASE B
    Rear brake calliper holder plate locking pin M12x1.25 33* LOCK 8
    Accelerometer to brake line protection fastener AF5 2.5

  12. correct torque for correct bearing preload
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  13. Adjusting the chain tension

    Loosen nut (1) then, on both sides of the vehicle, loosen lock nuts (2) and work screws (3) to adjust chain tension.
    Tighten chain sliding shoe screw to a torque of 8 Nm ± 10%

    If that isn't nipped up I don't know what is..
  14. Not sure what you are on about? The 1260 doesn't have locks nuts and adjustment bolts. It's single sided swing arm with adjustment made with a c spanner after loosening two pinch bolts, which have to be re-tightened after adjustment to 35nm.
  15. That is my point, my bike has different system. Jaybus this was the reason I clarified my position & suggested the workshop manual links for the people commenting.
  16. Peter, do you have the torque values for both rear nuts (sprocket side and wheel) on the 1260 and the 6 x nuts on the carrier. I can't find a workshop manual for the 1260. Thanks a mill.
  17. Steve, I've just emailed a PDF of the 1200 DVT manual. I'm sure torque values will be the same.
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