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1200 DVT Touratech Seats Direct

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Shoboshi, Jun 25, 2020.

  1. Hi Guys. I contacted the seller in Germany regarding Mutley DVT & 1260 Touratech seats. They say they have plenty!

    If you want one, email them direct..

    [email protected]

    Don’t contact them via eBay. Quicker as per above.
    As far as I’m aware they will be at the £150 price + post (£10)

    Michael and Dennis are the contacts. Tell them you saw via this forum.
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  2. Just sent an email to ask about pillion seats...
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  3. Fingers crossed.....:)
  4. Great price! I bought mine for 270GBP and i thought that was good.
  5. Great find!

    Does anyone know how these compare with the Ducati comfort seat? (96880321A)

    Only asking cause I bought the Ducati one from someone on this forum and found it way too stiff. Had to sell it to a mate who likes sitting on bench-like seats.

    Is the Touratech one softer?


  6. NO its still hard, just the angle you are sat at is better as it doesnt tip you forwards. After half a day you still get bum ache.
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  7. I think the Touratech one that has been mentioned is for the Multistrada 1200/1260 DVT not the Enduro. The link is to the Enduro seat.
  8. I think they're the same seat.

    But anyway, if Touratech one is still stiff. No thanks!

    The angle is not great but that stiff seat is downright painful :(

    Why can't they make a soft seat it like the GS or Tiger have?

    My ass is too old for these hard benches lol
  9. When I spoke to the guy in Germany, he said they have all sorts 1200dvt/1260/Enduro.
    Contact them and see how you get on.

    Hope the info helps people out
  10. Sure does. Thx again!
  11. I also just emailed 'em - thanks for the heads up
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  12. No pillion seats though, they confirmed by email
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  13. Personally I would disagree the the statement by @RichW, the OEM seat on my 1260 would give me a stinging arse by the first fuel stop. Whilst the Touratech one isn't plush it seems to support me far better, can ride day after day on tour without fearing clambering back onto the bike. Not a cheap solution at the original price but for what these are selling for great value IMHO. Maybe it's me, or my arse? Your mileage may vary...
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  14. Great value for money and i urge anyone to buy one for that. Hell i'm even tempted to buy a spare for myself at that price, or if anything to sell on next year for another hundred quid.

    They are superior to the standard seat, and at least double the comfort distance from the oem seat, but not all-day comfort for me, unfortunately.

    My advice, just buy one, if you dont like or not impressed then you'll sell it on no problem and certainly not lose any money.
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  15. Thanks for the heads-up gents, just ordered one from Ebay :upyeah:
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  16. I've hesitated and prevaricated with this thread, especially as the saying goes, "if something looks too good, then it generally is, etc".
    That said, as several others seem to have bitten this particular bullet and ordered one, as I've been looking for a great condition second hand item, which I've yet to find, with these priced at less + advertised as new, I couldn't hold off any longer.
    So fingers crossed, let's see what this order brings!
    Hopefully none of us who have ordered one, will be disappointed................:sweat:
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  17. Tony your arse will love it!
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  18. If it all goes tits up... it wasn’t me.!...:yum
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