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Discussion in 'Touring' started by DCB, Oct 4, 2019.

  1. Looking to do a rake of touring next season, but not on the V4, not the bike for the miles I am to be doing.
    So thinking of a multi S, anybody want to give a real review of said bikes as never had anything other than sports bikes or advice of any other options?

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  3. I would definitely advise a Multi or GS over toughing it out on a sports bike. We went to the South of Italy and back on the Panigale and GSXR and although it was great fun there's no way I would choose to do it again without serious reasons! I'm currently road riding a BMW 1250GS that they gave me due to the S1000RR being late and its truly awesome. I actually really enjoy being out on the roads again which is something I have not done in a couple of years before getting this bike. I still think a large part of the 'adventure' branding is verging on fraud since there's no way you would want to seriously go offroad on such a massive bike other than lond dirt roads and that sort of thing. From that point of view I think the Multistrada makes more sense as apart from the sex appeal of a Ducati the smaller front wheels and geometry make it more road focused for the twisties. Thats not to say the GS isn't extremely good in the twisties anyhow. All the creature comforts make it such a nice machine to live with. We did London to Wales last Saturday night in the torrential rain and it was still enjoyable.
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  4. My best mate and touring buddy rides a 996. We've done a decent Euro tour each year since 2010, this year being an exception as it was cancelled due to me being ill :( Frankly, having ridden his bike a few times, I don't quite know how he does it without serious side effects. Rode a V4 the other day and I've got to say it's significantly preferable to his bike. Got of that and onto the Multistrada to ride home and it felt like a barge... Having said that it's a comfortable barge which goes quite well considering. Suggest you get a decent test ride and see for yourself, just give yourself a bit of time to adjust.
  5. Try a Supersport S - I rode to Southern Italy this May through all sorts of weather, with a GS and an S1000XR. Not only kept up with the XR on all but the longest straights, but was super comfortable and amazing through the twisties. It's got a better seat (best seat of any bike?) and less buffeting than my Multi 1200S. I'm 50, 5'10", 100kg - and the SS is a fantastic all-rounder. Probably very underrated as a tourer.
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  6. I’ve toured on a Panigale and a Multistrada. They both work but the Multistrada does make it easier.

    Having said that, next year my plan is to tour on both again. The Panigale for the pilgrimage to the MotoGP in Jerez and the Multistrada for a jolly to Split in Croatia complete with the wife to keep the back tyre down.

    If I could work out how to post a link to my thread diarising the previous tours I’d post it on here for you.
    You might like to read my conclusions on page 18.

    You have reminded me of a thread I’d like to start. What tours are you planning for 2020?
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  7. @Sam1199 it looks like you have your profile set to private so I can't search your threads. Just copy the browser link from the page and paste it on here.
  8. Agreed, test rides of everything is a must and will be taken
  9. Unfortunately I am still very bitter about the shafting I got from BMW with the 2019 RR, so bmw isn’t an option
  10. We are looking at doing a few, NC500 (as it’s on our doorstep so to speak)
    A charge round the Lakes.
    Then the Euro trips, Normandy, lake Garda, amalfi coast to name but a few.
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  11. Have toured Europe for many years lots of it on sports bikes but not any more.Multi makes for a much more comfortable experience,has a bit more tank range,easily fitted with panniers or Kriega stuff and can still handle the good roads when you get to them,you’re sitting up so enjoy the great scenery that usually goes with the great roads.
    Obviously not in the same league as a Panigale in some areas but the trade off is worth it imho.
  12. We do a yearly run round the now NC500 and have been for 20 odd years. Sports bikes, tours, adventure bikes and cruisers. They all work it's just getting what works for you and your needs. Luggage wise there is something to suit most bikes nowadays. I always list what I need a vehicle for and what comforts I want on it then see what fits the criteria. Sometimes its surprising the vehicles that come up. Then test ride what you like. I really liked the ZX1000SX until I sat on it and it just wasn't comfy for me. Loads of choice out there. Enjoy the search.
  13. Sam1199's Story - "just Popping Out On My Bike" - Something We'd All Love To Do!
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  14. It’s in the Rideouts & Events forum.
    Read ‘Conclusions’ on page 18.
  15. I bought a multistrada for touring, but was never able to get rid of, or live with, the wind buffeting.

    It made a horrible ‘noise’ just about tennable with bose noise cancelling earbuds, or Isolate earplugs, but only just.

    So take a serious test ride before comitting, i didnt and regretted it!
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  16. Could that not be fixed with a change of screen?
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  17. scrambler?
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  18. I did try mra screen, palmer products bracket, custom spacers, cut down standard screen

    I believe the buffeting comes from the fairing not the screen
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