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Track Slag Transportation

Discussion in 'Trackdays & Rider Skills' started by Bondy7070, Jul 21, 2019.

  1. Random photo to jazz the post up

    Afternoon Troops

    I've got 10k for a van with the primary raison d'être as my transport for trackdays, will also be a daily vehicle as well. Don't want to spend any more as 1. I don't really have any more money and 2. Can't really be chewed financing anything, I like keeping my bills reduced to mortgage, Netflix and phone bill.

    Transit Customs in my opinion are horrendous on fuel, Merc and Fiat counterparts I'm just not feeling.

    I'm thinking Vivaro, Trafic, LWB Transit Connect or maybe a Caddy Maxi.

    Just wondering what everyone else uses and if there's any advice from people that are far more in the know than my self.


  2. i have a Mercedes Vito /Viano but as the 3.2 petrol version, and i think its a great bus ( apart from the gas mileage..) parts a cheap, and you can arrive in comfort.. you an pick up a good one for a lot less than 10k
    i paid 3k for mine and had some work done to it

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  3. Go lwb wherever possible, as you can then start making it a day van (seating n shit) and still keep bike in there

    If you can cope with a higher top, do it, as its far easier when you can stand (unless your 6’4) in the back

    I had use of vivaro and traffic (same thing) a few years back and found there were good on fuel and happy cruising at higher speed fully loaded. Plus being a bit squarer back you get a bit more room.
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  4. Blimey good value!

    Cheers bud. Yeah that's what I was thinking. Was very impressed with the Vivaro when I rented one for my last track day. Reckon a LWB connect is too small then?
  5. Had this Vivaro BiTurbo coming up 3 years, paid £13500 new (no vat) and it's fab, drives like a car - standard wheel base slightly longer than the old model which helps.
    It had a fuel tank on recall (original too thin) and a clutch master cylinder on warranty. I fitted black windows all round & took the top of the bulkhead out.
    Drives like a car, and I've returned 50+ mpg over 45,000 miles driving steady.
    Highly recommended :):upyeah:

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  6. Think you've sealed the deal for me mate.
    Happy days, thanks.
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  7. I've got a toyota hi ace and it's perfect for the track bike.
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  8. I'm on my 3rd Vito in a row and so far so good. My latest is a 119 CDI Sport LWB. 2.2 turbo diesel. As it's fairly new I haven't found any faults yet. It drives great and goes well too.
    But before I got it, I sold my 2008 Vito 204 Sport. The build quality on this van is noticeably better than the new one. Much more solid. The new one feels as if the bean counters have had their way, like they always do. Obviously the technology on the new van is a quantum leap.
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  9. I might consider selling my race van as after my big crash at Oulton my season is over :(

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  10. Depends on your plan. If you intend to convert to day can, imho you need to be able to sleep on a front bench with the bike in the back still. That allows space for 2 big bikes or even 3 smaller ones if you don’t build in the back
  11. I B&B it the night before every time mate. Get a decent one for 40 quid on Expedia.
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  12. Unless you plan to take two bikes and lots of kit all the time, swb would be fine ime
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  13. Yeah spot on.
  14. Plus a swb is only the size of a mums taxi so easily parked. And you can get 50mpg from these diesels in regular use
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  15. Ahh bollox. What happened? Hope you're not smashed up?

    Nice van btw :upyeah:
  16. Looks a nice set up that and aye, hope your sound.
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  17. The vivaro is the van to get but I've got this urge for a LWB Connect.
  18. Although you'll probably manage with a SWB it's amazing how much more kit you can ram in a LWB. And they're not much longer tbf.

    Hope this helps :laughing:
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  19. False neutral at cascades mate, came off at over 100. Bashed myself a bit but the bike needs a new motor
  20. Knackers! That's all it takes- and boom, fekkin disaster. GWS matey... Bike will fix up ok.
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